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Tellsons prezi


Graham Collier

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Tellsons prezi

You gain an overseas office; Tellsons act on your behalf to: Pricing is transparent: Tellsons fund their service through a Procurement Fee "Tell Tellsons" what you need. one of the world's leading supply chain companies. Ceva have a network of literally hundreds of offices and agents throughout the world, and the nice thing is........... OK, I hear you ask:
- but what do I gain when I tell Tellsons Tellsons will source what you need and provide pricing
through to your
chosen destination. It will include your requirement plus air-, sea-freight or courier costs, and insurance to your chosen destination worldwide. Tellsons are in the UK and serve overseas customers you or your company
eats Now, can you purchase what you require locally or do you need to import it? TELLSONS machinery
domestic items
I.T. equipment
or food wherever you are. It is common for the savings negotiated by Tellsons to cover most or all of this Fee, meaning you get it for nothing. this will be a small percentage of the CFR/CIF Destination price, plus a standard charge. Well, almost. Who do Tellsons rely on to move the orders around the world, by air and sea? As an individual or as a business, let's assume........... And if you're thinking of importing from the UK or Europe...... Big or little.
Low value or high.
A single source or many.
No obligations, no fuss. L Leegold Ltd have been procurement specialists since 1982;
Tellsons use their buying power and expertise for your benefit. Leegold Ltd have been procurement specialists since 1982;
that's why Tellsons use their buying power and expertise for your benefit source alternative products and manufacturers for you to consider, negotiate discounts and faster deliveries with suppliers, consolidate orders together and
provide cheaper freight costs than you may have been paying. Plus you will receive regular reports, detailing the

status of both your current enquiries and your orders. ...they talk to each other. http://uk.cevalogistics.com/ This suits Tellsons and Tellsons' customers down to the ground, because cargo moves effectively when information moves efficiently! Tell Tellsons So, when you've next identified a need to import, your first thought should be to......... www.tellsons.com This Procurement Fee will be shown separately from the other costs. Oh yes, and Tellsons are very familiar
with organizing pre-shipment inspections Exporting the U.K. Ceva Logistics, see what can be achieved when I..... You'll get a quotation from Leegold Ltd
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