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The Sochi Olympics

No description

Greg Foltynowicz

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Sochi Olympics

The Sochi Olympics
Basic Information about Standards/Rules of Conduct/IOC Rules of Citizenship at the 2014 Olympics
Standards- The standard of athlete code of conduct is to have good sportsmanship, train regularly, and responsibility fro your actions. For alpine skiing, the A standard entails a competitor to be ranked with the top 500 in any event on the FIS Points list which will be made public after qualification ends on January 20, 2014
Rules of Conduct-http://www.sochi2014.com/en/spectators-security-and-medicine Rules of conduct at the Olympic and Paralympic venues are obligatory for all visitors from January 7, 2014 to March 21, 2014. These rules copied and paraphrased from this website include:

Misconduct may serve as a denial of access to a venue or forced removal from the venue, and in the case of violations of Russian law.

Removal from the venue in some cases may be accompanied by physical withdrawal... and non admittance to further events.

After such a decision, access by annulled documents to the territory of the Olympic/Paralympic venues will not be possible, irrespective of the presence of tickets for further events. (Cont. on next slide)

IOC Rules of Citizenship-IOC stands for International Olympic Committee. The olympic charter requires that an athlete must be a national of the country to compete. The nationals may compete for any country if three years have passed when they completed for a former country.
Events & Players
Alpine Skiing
Alpine skiing is a sport where you are sliding down snow hills on skis. It became a sport in 1861 at Kiandra, Australia. There are different types of Alpine skiing and downhill skiing is the same as Alpine skiing. Super G Alpine Skiing is the racing discipline of Alpine skiing. Giant Slalom Alpine skiing is skiing between sets of poles. A slalom in general is a skier racing down a winding course marked by flags/poles. Super Combined Alpine skiing is referred to as the 5th Alpine discipline, which combines downhill, super-g, giant slalom, and slalom.
Promoting Political Causes
Politics and sports go hand in hand. History has demonstrated that many countries gain political pride in their countries accomplishments during these Olympic events. Sports are a means to influence diplomatic, social, and political relations.
Controversies & Scandals
Discussion of Quote
"May joy and good fellowship reign, and in this manner, may the Olympic Torch pursue its way through ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of a humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and more pure."
-Pierre de Coubertin
Works Cited
By Greg, Sean, and Kyle
Basic Information (Cont.) from the website: http://www.sochi2014.com/en/spectators-security-and-medicine Rules of conduct at the Olympic
In accordance with the Rules of Conduct at the venue, the following is PROHIBITED:

Carrying, storage and/or use, as well as the sales of items included in the List of prohibited items
Any discriminatory actions
Any actions that create a dangerous situation, violate public order, prevent or impede the staging of events or hindering guests of the Games
Violation at the security zones at the venue:
Attempts to access restricted areas without the right to access to them
Attempts to climb fences, railings, lighting fixtures, masts, seats and benches in the stands, etc.
Throwing objects at the stands at people..
Being in the aisles and stairways during the competition without permission from Games workforce in uniform
Disturbing public order by knowingly exposing parts of the body
Attendance at the venues under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Drinking alcohol at non-registered places
Smoking in places not set aside and equipped for this purposes.
Photography and filming: no flash allowed indoors
Broadcasting and recording with the use of transmitting devices for commercial purposes.
Using devices that have laser radiation or exhibit loud noises
Damage to property, vandalism
Demonstration of signage, any campaign materials, or flags of countries not participating in the Game.
Unauthorized distribution of advertising and propaganda activities
Placement of advertisements, posters, and other products without approval of the Organizing Committee
Donation requests, including from musicians and singers at the entrance or inside the venue, unauthorized by the Organizing Committee
Attempts to create an unauthorized association with the Olympic and Paralympic movement or Games
Sale of goods by unauthorized persons or in unauthorized locations, including the sale of counterfeit goods
Unauthorized resale of tickets and/or sale of Olympic/Paralympic identity and accreditation

Basic Information (Cont.)
Alpine Skiing
Players and Events
Who to watch in Alpine Skiing at the 2014 Olympics?

Alpine skiing events run 9-22 February 2014.
Lindsey Vonn, America's most decorated racer is out with a knee injury, but there's still plenty of talented skiiers from the US to watch.
Keep an eye on 5 medal olympic winner Bode Miller.
Ted Ligety is sure to complete well in the combined Alpine events.
Julia Marcuso is sure to do well in GS Alpine competition.
Lindsey Vonn
Bode Miller
Controversies and Scandals (Cont.)
In the 1964 Olympics, South Africa was suspended from the Olympics due to its apartheid policies. They were allowed to participate in 1992.
Michael Morganella said a racist Korean comment on Twitter after the Swiss football team lost to South Korea. He was expelled from the olympics.
Many athletics through the years have tested positive for illegal drug dosing and have been banned as a result.
What quote means
The Olympic games bring the whole world together to compete in a friendly way events that are common to them even though they live such different lives in very different places. Hopefully, these events give players an opportunity to share their unique cultures and heritage, and build everlasting memories and friendships.
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