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A brief introduction to Twitter

justin levack

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Twitter

TWITTER why? 80 million people have twitter accounts celebrities, athletes, actors, news sources, businesses, possibly your friends what is it? a micro-blog you can type your message to the world in 140 characters or less. terms # the # denotes a group or search term that you may want to follow eg a post of:
#zombie aargh brains!
will come up in a search for #brains
You can then 'save this search' and follow real time results for people posting about zombies @ @ denotes a user. It is used when you are mentioning someone else in a tweet EG @jlevack said that twitter is pretty cool. @billgates agrees. DM Direct Message you can send a message directly to someone else's inbox lists you can group the people you follow into lists for easier organization following followers people you want to read about people who want to read about you menu brings you to your main screen your profile where you can change the looks of your account
Set it to private here if you'd like find people by email, searches, etc. a way to catch up on friends by seeing what they are doing a way to see the news straight from the source.
a way to get celebrity gossip a way to do group work
If everyone follows the same # tag you can have a group conversation searching #volcano gives people's real-life pictures, opinions and theories on the volcano
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