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abhisuchi srivastava

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Our Strength Our Staff Our Center We have a spacious center with following facilities:
Well equipped studios
Fully furnished Kitchen
Air conditioned room
Play zone
CCTVs for surveillance
non toxic toys and equipment
and many more.. Structured Curriculum
Class @ KidsNwhy means
A-Activties for making
S-Smart and Sagacious We have well qualified, trained and experience teachers Programs offered Pre School Programs Discover Explore (for 0-2 years) A program designed for baby to learns from external stimuli. A course designed to help parents observe their children and guide them in play and learning. A course designed to develop kid's capabilities,confidence and self esteem. CineKids After School
for (4-8 years) (Performing Arts for Childrens' Education) PACE STEM Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics 3-8 YEARS
This program lays the building blocks for a child’s future learning in science, technology, engineering and maths. 2-8 YEARS
A step -by-step introduction to the performing arts: drama, dance, music and public speaking. 7-11 MONTHS
This workshop includes subjects like scripting, storyboard, tips for shooting the basics of using a camera, editing, sound effects, etc. Mark my words program that lays the building blocks to foreign learning language. Kids Leadership 9-11 YEARS
A junior creative writing program that teaches children how to bring a story to the page. Ilango 5-11 YEARS 6-9 YEARS
The leadership program helps to build a child's confidence, raise their self - esteem and equip them with the strategies that will help them develop into well functioning adults. Visit us @ 17 Sirifort road, New Delhi-49 : 011 4109 0045
:info@kidsnwhy.com (7 to 12 years) Enrichment Program Quest Our Team Rahul Beri,CEO Teknol India
Vidya Ben shah,founder member Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
Dr.N.C.Saxena,Member of National Advisory Council
Mathew Cherian,the CEO of Help Age India and Director of OXFAM.
RupaliChakravarti, U.S. based author of books for children on science, technology and robotics.
Sujata Kulushreshtha,founder of Wide Angle Films
Neerja Sharma,Educationist Vision We aspire to be a role model in creating a
better future for the citizens of tomorrow." Who are we?
Kid N Why is an initiative of
Teknol India, formed by a group of edupreneurs. :www.facebook.com/Kidsnwhy Our endeavor is to help children to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and ethically. After school program M
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