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Jezebel, sapphire,mammy

No description

Tiffany Jones

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of Jezebel, sapphire,mammy

Black Women In Media Tiffany Jones
Shayla Mahan
Justin Collier There are three main stereotypes about black women that media focused on for a number of years: The Mammy, Jezebel and Sapphire. Stereotype I Mammy was the main stereotype until the 1950s and is still current today
The Mammy stereotype was the main way media characterized black women from the early 1800s onward.
In Today's media Ella Payne from the sitcom Tyler Perry's house of payne can be read this way
Stereotype II The African American stereotype, Jezebel still exists in the American, pop, and mostly rap culture.
A woman who is portrayed as a Jezebel is considered a women of no class and no respect for herself or body.
This women is commonly known to go after men for their riches. The Video Vixen Stereotype III The Sapphire stereotype is another way that media catergorize black women. The media makes the viewer think that black women are so hard to get along with. (Sapphire) Stereotype III Sapphire, named after a character in “Amos ‘n’ Andy”, always seems to have her hands on her hips while she is running her mouth – putting down her man, making everything into a fight, never taking anything lying down.
She is an overbearing, hard and undesirable woman who drives men away.
She is also seen as emasculating men.
Think of Tichina Arnold’s character Pam in “Martin” or you could also think of Tyler Perry's film "Diary of a mad black woman. "
(Sapphire) (Mammy) (Jezebel) Stereotype II
The Jezebel stereotype originated because of White men fear of Black women's sexuality(Collins).
This goes to show that America, after all these years has not improved greatly.
Americans still have a long way to go for a step closer in the right direction towards the negative images of black women that still exist (Jezebel) An example of this An example of this An example of this All three of these stereotypes are still very relevant in today's media Conclusion
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