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New Zealand

No description

Samuel Knight

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of New Zealand

New Zealand

Where Is It Located ?
New Zealand is an island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Australian continent.
Its neighboring countries are Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia and Australia.
Geographical Features
New Zealand has many geographical features like
Lake Taupo, Josef and Fox Glaicier, MT Cook, Cook Strait, Tasman Sea, MT Aspiring, MT Crosscut, South Otagos Purakaunui, Opotiki and South Pacific Ocean.
New Zealand's population is about
4 500 ooo and it grows every day
In the summer New Zealand is pretty hot usually hitting 30 degres celcius. And in the winter it is usually wet and sloppy unless you go high up in the mountains then there is snow and you can go skiing/snowboarding
Holidays In New Zealand
The main holidays in New Zealand are Christmas day on December 25, New Years Jan 1, Anzac Day (New Zealands remebrance day)April 25, Easter April 21, Queens Birthday june
Tourism In New Zealand
There is lots of tourism in New Zealand because of the great scenery like South Otago's Purakauni falls, and MT. Raupheau. People also come because so many movies are made there probably because of the scenery.And because New Zealand has the only olympic sized halfpipe in the world.
In New Zealand there are lots of amazing foods like roast lamb, sea food , Pavlova and creamy vanilla ice- cream strewn with pieces of honey comb.
Dressing in New Zealand
These days New Zealanders wear what we wear. In the olden days they wore rain cloaks, knee length garnments around the waist held by a belt and a rectangular garnment that goes on the shoulders like a cloak and fur coats.
The two languages of New Zealand are English and Maori ( Maori is the aboriginal language)
Languages In New Zealand
Education In New Zealand
In New Zealand kids start school usually at the age of 5 then go for another 13 years. districts in New Zealand usually have 3 schools Elementary school, middle school and high school.
Abel Tanszoon Tasman was the first european to spot New Zealand in 1642 and Captain James Cook was the first european to map New Zealand in 1796. New Zealand fought alongside with Britain in the first 2 world wars and the Boer War. The Boer war was also called the war of freedom and it was fought from 1880-1881 and 1899-1902 against the Dutch settlers
Fun Facts !!!!?
New Zealand is the best team in the world at the sport Rugby
New Zealand has a war dance called the Haka
Rugby players do the Haka before the start of a game
The Maori name of New Zealand is Aotearoa witch means Land of the Long White Cloud
In 1893 New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote
New Zealand citizens are called Kiwis
Thank-You for watching my presentation on New Zealand hope you enjoyed it.
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