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Reseller Channel Manager 30-60-90

No description

Mark Kitchen

on 13 November 2016

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Transcript of Reseller Channel Manager 30-60-90

90 Day action plan:
Day 1-30
90 Day action plan cont.
Day 30-60
90 Day Action Plan cont.
Day 60-90
The ultimate goal is to assist in the continued year-on-year success of Signagelive
To be a strong Channel Manager, Sales Driver and Support Mechanism for all Signiagelive reseller and distribution partners
Mark Kitchen
Reseller Channel Manager
30-60-90 Day Sales Plan

Overview of Presentation
Qualifications for position

Sales Plan

30 Day
60 Day
90 Day

Results-proven sales professional with Over 15 years experience in Sales and Account Management

Doubled turnover with N-vest
Top 3 out of 16 areas with Sony
19% increase with Partners across a -5% Channel with T-Mobile

Strong record of success in developing campaigns, strategies, and solutions that generated strong revenue growth

Re-establish relationships with Reseller and Distribution Partners.
Understand current processes with each partner
Meet with Key contacts
Integrate back into sales teams

Product / Run Rates / Opportunities / Pricing
Ensure product knowledge is up to date
Analyze Run Rates within Channel (Look for Opportunities to increase share)
Understand internal systems and reporting
Understand pain points

Drive sales
Work with internal teams to push sales through channel
Floor walks, floor walks, floor walks, call out days and product placement to increase mind share
Merchandise staff at reseller and distribution offices
Present / Host team meetings, support external events
Educate sales teams ensuring knowledge and passion for Signagelive, thus developing internal advocates
Work with marketing teams to ensure they have the tools to maximum sales opportunities
Look at reseller / distribution sales promotions
Monitor pipeline and continue to improve share
Be aware of competitor activity / threats within Channel

Channel Partners

Continue to work with Reseller and Distribution Partners to assure marketing and sales campaigns align with target goals, so that sales numbers can be achieved
Review current Partners, connect with new partners to achieve targets
Review competitors to ensure Signagelive is still the market leader
Maintain knowledge with Partners (Product placement and new features)
Continue to attend Sales Meetings, floor walks and support external events

Continue work on incentives and review my own objectives

Continue to fill the funnel
Channel Funnel
Key Relationships
Improving relationships and gaining mind share
Funnel full of opportunity
Channel Partners
Channel Funnel
Drive Sales
Internal advocates
Provide the right tools
Support opportunities
Increased awareness, product support,
the right resellers/distributors and sales
team integration will lead to more sales!

Stronger marketing
Stronger channel partnerships
Stronger product offerings

The Channel has had tremendous success, and i believe still has the potential for so much more as Digital Signage continues to grow*
Making Signagelive the obvious choice for all digital signage installs with key partners
Achieve and exceed sales targets
The Tip of the iceberg!
Making Signagelive and me the obvious choice!
Any Questions?
*$27 Billion by 2020
Key Relationships
Improving relationships and gaining mind share
Drive Sales
Internal advocates
Provide the right tools
Support opportunities
Key Relationships
Improving relationships and gaining mind share
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