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Of Mice And Men Chapter 6 Presentation

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Ty Zipperian

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice And Men Chapter 6 Presentation

#2. What storylines are being addressed in chapter 6? Story lines in chapter 6:
Lennie hides in the brush and waits for George to come and while he is waiting he starts to hallucinate. His hallucinations tell him that he hasn't lived his life right.
George distracts Lennie by telling him about the lory lineand that they want to buy. He tells Lennie to look out to the river and imagine it. When Lennie isn't looking he shoots him in the back with Carlson's gun. #3. What are the major points of the chapter? The major points in chapter 6:
1. Lennie starts to hallucinate and his hallucinations tell him that he hasn't been living his life right.
2.George tries to calm Lennie down and tells him the story of the land they want to buy.
3. George tells Lennie to look across the river and imagine the land. When Lennie is imagining the land George shoots Lennie with Carlson's gun.
4. The other guys come through the brush and see what George did. Slim understands what George did and he tries to reassure him that it was necessary.
5. The guys all take George to get a drink. #4 Figurative Language usage: Figurative language in chapter 6:
Simile: "A far rush of wind sounded and a gust drove through the tops of the trees like a wave." p. 99
Metaphor: "Already the sun had left the valley to go climbing up the slopes of the Gabilan mountains, and the hilltops were rosy in the sun." p.99
Simile: "Suddenly Lennie appeared out of the brush, and he comes silently as a creeping bear moves." p.100
Hyperbole: "There were crashing footsteps in the brush now." p.106
Hyperbole: "The brush seemed filled with cries and with the sound of running feet."p.106-107 #5. Imagery: What consistent motifs does the author use? What symbols does the author use to get his message across to the readers? Physical strength: Lennie is physically big and strong, but mentally powerless. This creates many risks for him and eventually kills him.
Dream farm: The farm that George and Lennie always talk about is a symbol of life goals and beliefs. After including a few other characters in the dream, George promises Lennie that he can tend the rabbits. The farm represents paradise and a place of protection from reality.
Hallucinations: When Lennie runs away to the pond, his Aunt Clara and a snake start talking to him in his own voice. These are hallucinations that are warning him. They remind him of how much wrong he has done and how angry George will be for finding out about what Lennie had done. They represent his conscience, showing what is going on in Lennie’s head.
The pond: the pond that George and Lennie meet at is a place of sanctuary. When Lennie goes there after the accident, they peacefully talk about their farm before Lennie’s life is over. #6. What themes are addressed in your chapter? Themes used in chapter 6:
Making decisions- This was one of the themes because at the end of chapter six, George had to make a descision to stop Lennie. It was a very hard one to make for him.
Companionship- George ended Lennie’s life because he loved him and didn’t want him to die in pain. He talked to Lennie about their dream right before killing him so he could be happy. Of Mice and Men Chapter 6
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