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The Saudi VISION 2030

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abdullah alsaab

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of The Saudi VISION 2030

The Saudi cabinet proposed a plan that encompasses different objectives and programs that are meant to be implemented by 2030.
All these ideas and plans were carefully crafted by authorities and responsible stakeholders to make a list of goals for themselves that will help them speed up the economic and industrial process .

We believe that this plan is going to ensure the bright future of the country.
The whole plan that has been compiled under this report is based on the three pillars that the country believes helps it stand and persevere.

The first and the most important pillar is the status of the country in the world.

The second pillar is the determination that the country has to become a global investment powerhouse.

The third pillar is the strategic location of the country on the map.
The people of this country and the government of the country are willing to work hard and try everything to make sure that they succeed in their aims.

The reason that the target is achievable is because of the fact that the determination of the people of this country is no joke.
The youth of the country is adamant in making the country rise up to the challenge and prove to the world that we can do everything that the rest of the world can.

Main Components of the Plan
The main idea behind this vision for 2030.
What the country believes.
Main Components of the Plan
In the eyes of the world Saudi Arabia.

It has so much more to offer and it considers.

The country believes that it is time to rise again.

Building Infrastructure and sustainability
The aim regarding the country’s efforts to be more environment-friendly is also a great thing about this plan.

The country has many projects especially in the industrial sector that is often deemed as not environment friendly.
This pledge to become a country that is more ecologically aware and persistent is going to help it improve its image in the international market.

Societal Improvement and Unity
The plan also aims to protect the culture and traditions of the society while at the same maintain a good reputation among nations of different beliefs by practicing tolerance and respect.
The society is very close to culture because the country is a scared place for all Muslims all around the world.

It is important that the country pays more attention to strengthen its hold on its true culture and maintain an environment where people feel secure and free to practice what they believe in.

This would require the education system to strengthen as well because as mentioned earlier, the younger generation of the country is the future.

The health related policies and organizations need to be made stronger and the empowerment of the people is also a main focus on this agenda which I think is a big step forwards.

This particular plan is going to help the country demolish the negative image that people have in their mind and resurface as a great nation in the world.

Societal Improvement and Unity
The biggest strength of this plan.

The country aims.

Providing equal opportunities to people
Better Economy
Implementing Transparency
One of the main aims of this vision plan is also to ensure that in the next 15 years we are able to implement a system that is more transparent and clear.
. The country wants to get rid of this impression and in an attempt to clarify the processes and strengthen the integrity of the system
The procedures in the country; they want to make sure that everything is transparent.
The government aims to achieve transparency in all areas by making sure that involves the digital trends and embraces the different practices that are helping the governments all around the world manage their tasks efficiently.
The e-government basically means that the government includes the digital services and software that can no whelp management of different issues and also streamline process.

Implementing Transparency
Implementing the new policies that are meant for improving the education system is going to help educate the younger population in a better way so that they are more skilled and useful.
A great economic growth will help the country make a place for itself on the map as a strong power that is based on things more than just oil resources.
Since Saudi Arabia is a conservative country but the effort that it is putting in through this vision 2030, the country needs to be applauded for being able to implement such a huge change.
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