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Roommate Conflict Presentation

No description

Melissa Lehmann

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Roommate Conflict Presentation

Soundtrack to solving
Roommate Conflict

We are a valuable resource for
our residents.
Track 1
"We are gonna be friends"
Set the ground rules & Expectations (Roommate Agreements)
Conflict resolution
Track 2
"All you are is Mean..."
Better approaches-
Practice Active Listening. Ask open-ended questions
Set your boundaries and make time for yourself. Try to remain calm, cool, collected (even if you aren't inside!)
Communicate/ mediate
Compromise/ referal
Track 3
"Rumor has it"
Borrowing personal items without permission
Eating someone else's food
Messy living habits
Different personal hygiene habits
Lack of respect for personal space
Willingness to compromise
Immodest behavior
Different schedules
Common Roommate Conflicts
Oh, the sweet beginning of it all...

Like the song, the residents have just arrived at the dorms and are already 'best friends'
1. Communicate

2. Escalate

3. Follow-Up

When a conflict starts to
during mediation, focus on...

"I feel", not "you did"
Attack the problem not the other person
Avoid the blame game

Track 4
"I wanna talk about me"
Track 5

Track 6
"You can't always get what you want"
3 Key Points
Harmful approaches...
sweating the small stuff
putting it all on your shoulders
angry talk
getting even
choosing sides
It's the end of September!
Now that the residents are starting to show their true colors, the claws may come out...
This is a great place to get a head start solving a roommate conflict...
Take some time to go over the infamous Roommate Agreement in DETAIL at your first meeting.

Hint- Have them fill this out and discuss at the meeting.

Social media, gossip, and small communities can have a HUGE influence on conflict.
What if it's more serious...
"...don't let a grain of sand turn into a mountain"
Communication is Key
Wait...what?! These roommates haven't even talked to
each other yet??

Sometimes, all they need is a reminder.
If conflict still arises...
clarify the main issue
guide from personal attacks
remain neutral
remember ground rules!
Refer the student to whatever resource that they might need.

*If you find you need further help, and this issue isn't going anywhere, just ASK!*

Counseling Services
The resident has shown signs of distress
(bizarre behavior,excessive crying, feels hopeless, talks about suicide/death)

Compromise: the magic word.
The worst is over! Now you have officially gotten through a roommate conflict and your residents agree (or somewhat agree) on a solution to their problems.
The good ole' roommate agreement.
This stage is where you go over what they originally agreed on when they were 'best friends' and remind them of the happy times.
Give them the option to 'alter' their original agreement to help solve the current issue.
although this would be great, it isn't very realistic...but we can do what we can to keep them to a minimum!
Follow-up with your residents and where they are at after the compromise and changes were made.
YAY!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!
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