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fahd slimani

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Thank You for Your Attention http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PNADH519.pdf
Strategic Management Concepts and Cases (Textbook)
http://www.cosumar.co.ma/telechargement/Rapport-d-Activite-Cosumar-_2009-VUK.pdf References: The Communications and Information technology Commission:

- People using the Internet > 15.2 million (2012)

- 68% internet users by 2015 (Expected)

- 67% of online consumers < 35 YO

- 48% of internet users reported purchasing products online KSA Growth of e-commerce Strategy 3 E-commerce >Construction costs:

-Average retail space needed: 1800 m2 *MAD 15000=
MAD 27,000,000
-Building Cost: 1800m2 * MAD 2000= MAD 3,600,000
-Cost of procedures: 53,496 MAD
-Estimated Warehouse cost: 3,251,500 MAD

>Operating costs:

-Operating expenses : (Operating, selling, general & administrative) = 500,000 MAD
-Labor cost: 90 employees * MAD 3000*12= MAD 3,240,000 per year.

Costs -Political stability

-A controlled inflation

-High consumers spending's

-High consumers confidence Why Morocco? Strategy 2 Retail Stores in Morocco -Expensive raw materials
-Import of all raw material needed for the production (1.3MT)
-Depends on Brazil mass production
-Fluctuation of raw material prices Production of Sugar Beet in Morocco Strategy 1 Production of sugar Beet in
Morocco The Grand Strategy Matrix SWOT Matrix BCG Matrix: Retail Division Space Matrix IE Matrix Strengths
-Net income increase by 23% in 2012
-Diversified products
-Diversified business operations
-Leader in applying modern -techniques in MKT
-Perceived quality
-Leading market position
-Brand name
-Vertical integration
-Depends on domestic market
-Total Liabilities to total assets 57% in 2012
-Weak current ratio
-Absence of convenience store
-Geographic concentration Internal Assessment CPM Retail Division CPM Food Division Opportunities
-Partnerships and joint ventures
-Recruitment during recession
-Adoption of E-Commerce
-Expansion into petrochemicals
-Growing retail sector in UAR and MENA
-Foreign market potential
-New stores Openings
-Global competition in food sector
-Expansion of foreign retailers
-Political instability in MENA region
-Exchange rate variation
-Inflation External Assessment Porter’s 5 forces Founded in 1979

Started with a capital of SR 40 million

Grew Significantly to SR 5 billion

Is one of the most successful multinational groups in the MENA region

Has 16000 employees and 160 000 shareholders

Ranked number 13 among the top 100 Saudian companies

Company Overview Company Overview
Mission & Vision
External Assessment
Internal Assessment
Financial Analysis
Strategies’ Formulation
Strategies’ Implementation RoadMap Savola Group By: Hamza El Honsali
Mohamed Laraichi
Fahd Slimani

Supervised: Dr. Abderrahman Hassi - Improve customer service

- Generate additional revenue

By: Building awareness of e-commerce Objectives -Promotions to gain customers loyalty.

-Organizing tombola games and competitions.

-Advertising Budget = MAD 20,000,000per year. Marketing strategy Price of raw sugar is 397$/T Production Cost Savings -Backward Integration: Production of sugar beet in Morocco

-Market Penetration: Retail stores in Morocco

-Market Development: E-commerce STRATEGIES BCG Matrix: Food division IFE Matrix
With 16000 devoted employees and highly sophisticated technologies ,we are dedicated to providing our customers in the MENA region with the best products and services through our different divisions( food,retail,packaging,real estate) .
“In terms of our culture of “The Balanced Way”, we at The Savola group are committed to our Social Responsibility, and we will work relentlessly in achieving world class standards of openness, transparency and accountability towards all our 160000 stakeholders, and build bridges to reach out and serve the communities we operate in.” Revised Mission «In terms of our culture of “The Balanced Way”, we at The Savola group are committed to our Social Responsibility, and we will work relentlessly in achieving world class standards of openness, transparency and accountability towards all our stakeholders, and build bridges to reach out and serve the communities we operate in.» Savola’s mission -Increase profitability
-Empower more people with disabilities through the Makeen center.
-Focus on creative real-estate projects
-Produce the best oil with the highest quality
-Improve Al Osra’s image over competition
-Increase the expansion of the group’s retail division Savola’s Objectives 4) Plastics (Packaging )
-Savola packaging system
-Al Shark Plastics
-New Marina Egypt 3) Real Estate
-Tameer Jordan
-King Abdullah Economic city
-Knowledge economic city *Retrieved from: E-commerce Solution Total Cost Calculator Steps and costs: Design a commercial website Return: 50 000MAD/m² * 1800m²= 90.000.000 MAD Profit Strategy Implementation A: 1 hectare produces 50 tons of sugar beet
B: 3,74 tons of sugar beet produces 1 ton of sugar To reach a self production of 1.3M T of sugar over the next three years to decrease the production cost.
  Objective: Why Morocco ? -Greater Arab Free Trade Area agreement
-Political stability
-Availability of irrigated land Space Matrix total EFE Matrix To become a Center of Excellence which provides a source of expertise in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility policies, guidelines, systems and processes and, to become a model worthy to emulate in the MENA region and beyond.

We think that this vision is short, clear, and elevated. Therefore, we decided to keep it as it is . Savola’s Vision
Labor Cost:
20 employees *$70/day = $1400/day *  302 days/year = $422,800 per year Labor - Advertising:


Technique: Profiling

CPV= $212,000/year => $1,060,000 Marketing and Advertising Financial Analysis 2) Retail 1) Food The group’s Business QSPM
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