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How to Play the Violin

English Presentation on my Expository Essay

Marnelle Mac Dula

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of How to Play the Violin

How to Play the Violin
Get a Violin
Step 1:
When looking for a violin, I recommend searching for violins and accessories specifically for beginners.
Search and buy online
Go to a local music store
(& other accessories)
I recommend Kun shoulder rests because they are a great type for ease and comfort in playing and is adjustable in three directions.
Onto accessories!
Shoulder rest
You need a bow, rosin, and shoulder rest (:
Violin Bow
Step 2:
Learn the Parts of the Violin
Step 3:
Learn how to Hold the Violin and bow
Step 4:
Learn where notes are on the violin
Step 5:
Get Some Sheet Music
Step 6:
Practice then Perform!
Step 1: Get a Violin
Step 2: Learn the Parts of the Violin
Step 3: Learn how to hold the violin and bow
Step4: Learn how to play notes on the violin
Step 5: Get some sheet music
Step 6: Practice and perform!
Thank you
for listening
By Marnelle Mac Dula
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