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Free falling into my prezi project

No description

Alvin Jones

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Free falling into my prezi project

What process did I go through? Did I have any interesting or unique experience while completing your project? What was the hardest part of doing my project and what were my challenges? Swords were used for protecting civilizations and for wars. Every sword have thieir own history and shape. Many are short, curved, straight and broad. What new skills did I learn while doing this work? What I learned about my research I didn't know guns wasn't invented in the 12th century.
I also didn't know that catapults were invented by the Roman Empire.I learned many more things about my project that was interesting. What did I learn about time management? I spent countless hours figuring out what good
information can I put in my capstone.It took
a long time to find what I want to find because,
I have to look through alot of websites to find vital
information about the weapons.Everything still worked
out as plan though Yes,I learned that the Harquebus was the first firearm fired from the shoulder. I also learned that the Stiletto shoe was named after the dagger named Stiletto. I learned alot more things about my project. Here is a video of one of these powerful weapons. What part of your project are you most proud of and why? Im very proud that I completed my product wish took me hours to complete because,it took alot of time to see how I want my product to look. Here's a picture of my product. The hardest part of doing my project was looking for the most vital information for my project. I looked through countless websites to find useable information. It took me from 2:45p.m to 10:00p.m just to find good information and that was my hardest challenge. If you could do anything about the project over again, what will you change? I will definitely not do the research paper again but, I'll do
the product again. I want to do the product because its fun
and easy to do. I also had fun drawing my weapons and wrote a brief description of the weapons I drew. I also make a straight sword as well. I learned that making a arming sword requires two pieces of cardboard so it won't bend in the middle. I also learned that cutting the sharp edges of the sword is vital because, the edge of the sword will look uneven. That's why I carefully crafted this sword to make it look exactly as the arming sword. I learned that managing my time was very
important. I started on my project everyday
except Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays.
Sometimes i do my project on Fridays and
Saturdays but, I also put in a little free time
as well.On weekdays, I work on my project
for 8 hours straight. On weekends, I'll work
on my project for 2-3 hours.I learned that
sacifricing your free time for your project,
will paid off at the end. FREE FALLING INTO MY PREZI PROJECT!! BY ALVIN JONES What did you learn about your topic from completing the research paper? I learned that the weapons in the Middle Ages were deadly. Many of the medieval weapons can instantly kill someone with one powerful blow despite what type of armor they have. What did I learn about time management? I learned that putting more time in your project will pay off at the end. I only worked on my project on weekdays for 8 hours. Less times, I work on my project for 2 hours on weekends. I mainly focus on doing my project right and in order. This concludes my presentation, thanks for your cooperation!! Fin Me holding my Medieval Weapons Title that I labeled and colored. Me holding up my boards on the left board there are many mediveal weapons such as the hammer, shot gun and Ax. On the right board there are Mediveal weapons such as arming swords. Me holding a sculpture of 1 of the Mediveal Arming Swords that I made out of cardboard.
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