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Understanding September 11

Teaching 5th graders about the events of September 11.

Dan Carver

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Understanding September 11

Remembering September 11
The morning of September 11 was a normal one. It was a sunny, warm day over most of the country.
Some people were watching TV like they normally do when they saw this.
At first, nobody knew what was happening. This could have been an accident.
The news programs were carrying live broadcasts of the event.
President Bush was visiting a school in Florida when he was told the country was under attack.
The Pentagon is the headquarters for the United States' military. It is in Washington DC.
While people were focusing on New York, another plane was flown into the Pentagon.
The World Trade Center in New York City was a symbol of America's wealth.
Meanwhile, hundreds of firefighters and police officers rushed into the twin towers to save people who were trapped.
Many of those firefighters and police officers died while they were trying to save others.
Over Pennsylvania, another plane was hijacked. It was heading for Washington DC.
The passengers on board had heard about the Twin Towers and decided to try and stop the hijackers.
Flight 93 crashed into the countryside in Pennsylvania.
Then, the 2nd tower collapsed.
2,753 died in New York.
184 died at the Pentagon.
40 died in Pennsylvania
Effect of 9/11/01
War in Afghanistan
War in Iraq
More Security at Airports
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