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Dangers On The Internet

A quick guide explaining and avoiding the dark side of the internet.

Rosei Goldsmith

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Dangers On The Internet

Short for malicious software.

Disrupts computer operation.

Gather sensitive information.

Get access to private computers.
Types of Malware
People who trick and take advantage of you.

They are thieves and con artists.

They gather personal
information to commit
fraud and other crimes.

In most cases, you will never know
who they are and where they're located.
On The
Types of Online Criminals

Malware can destroy all your work,
programs, and ruin your computer!
The "Hackers"
They're Software Programmers
They create programs such as viruses,
worms, spyware, and trojan horses.
They do it for different reasons.

For the fame and glory.
They gain unauthorized access
to your computer system.

To create great harm.

To commit fraud and steal.
The "Phishers"
They create the "bait"
and hope you will bite.
They get your information via email.
Beware of emails from
doctors, lawyers or "royalty"
from other countries.
Do not respond to requests from companies asking to change your
account information.
The Social Engineers
They succeed because . . .
"The weakest link in the
security chain is the
human element."
Author, "The Art of Deception"
and Notorious Social Engineer
Kevin Mitnick
You can spend a fortune
on all the best security for your
computer, but you can NEVER
be safe from old-fashioned trickery.
Do not share your personal information with anyone!

Address and Phone #s

Student Numbers

Account #s

We all love the Internet!
However, there's lots of
scary stuff
out there!
Remember - Always Be Safe
When You're On The Internet!
you're such
a nice person!

So, what's scary?
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