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I08 grammar notes

No description

Icpna la molina

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of I08 grammar notes

I08 Grammar notes I have a third point of view about this subject Present and Past unreal conditionals If I were more courageous, I would talk to her. PRESENT unreal conditional If I had been more couragous, I would have talked to her. PAST unreal contional If I had studied, It would have been easier. If I had time, I would study. Use the PRESENT unreal conditional to talk about:

Use the PAST unreal conditional to talk about: what would happen in the present/future if something that is not true in the present was true. what would have happened in the past if something that is not true in the past had been true. If she were rich, she would buy a house. If she had been rich, she would have bought a house years ago. Embedded questions direct more polite What is your name?
Where is the busstop?
Is ceviche delicious?
Where is my bike?
Is he going to class? Would you tell me what your name is?
Do you know where the busstop is?
I wonder if ceviche is delicious.
I don`t know where my bike is.
Can you tell me whether or not he is going to class? Put the embedded question in statement form (subject +verb) "Could you tell me where my bike is?

Use if/whether or not for embedded Y/N questions Practice: Make 2 conversations, 1 direct and 1 polite. Then perform one for the class. You are a customer. You have a lot of different allergies(lactose, peanuts, etc) You are in a restaurant and want to know all about the ingredients in the food.
Student B is the waiter. Give the customer all the information he asks What is something you regret doing? What should you have done differently? What would have been different then?
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