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Prince William County School Board

No description

Cassandra Trumbetic

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Prince William County School Board

14715 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112 Prince William County School Board Meeting
October 23rd, 2012 Audience: Memebers of the community
Members of Odyssey of the Mind
Jennifer Wellington- wife of an 8th grade teacher
Reverend Steven Owney
Carolyn Custard - Youth for Tomorrow
Dr. Stephen Waltz - Superintendent Board Members
Wooten - Occoquan
Bell - Neabsco
Covington- Potomac
Satterwhite - Gainesville
Otaigbe - Coles
Trenum - Brentsville
Ramirez - Woodbridge
Johns - Chairman at Large About 75 individuals altogether
-Adoption of the School Board Agenda Citizen comments - citizne may give thanks, address specific issues, or make recommendations Structure Legislative priorities - recognized as items up for a vote Board Matters - the board members address their specific concerns to individuals in charge of programs and make general comments Decision Making Process During the legislative priorities, the board members ask questions and then call the item to a vote. Citizen Comments Odyssey of the Mind
Elementary schoolers realted thanks to their
PTA for the opportunity to go to world finals where they wrote and performed a play Michael Shaffer
5th grader from Penn Elementary
Made a plug for the running club that has helped his school achievement and family life Jenni Wellington (Nokesville)
Her husband is an 8th grader science teacher at Beville Middle School
Concerned about 2 teachers to 400 students ratio in science at the school
Ratio much better for other subjects
Cheating students anputting more stress on teahcers
Teachers can't do experiemtns and teach effectively
Only two copy machines at the school and the librarian leaves at 3:30 so teachers cannot make copies if machines are broken
School Board said they would look into the problem, but her presentation did not seem credible in terms of the copier issue Legislative Priorities Item 23 Revision to energy management
increase conservation efforts
stewardship of facility services Item 24 Appointments
Special Education Advisor
Safe School Advisory Council Item 25 Increase FY 2013 operating budget
increase by $2 million
money comes form 21st century school grant Federal grants for ROTC, Title II, and pre-school Item 26 Youth for Tomorrow - Memorandum for Understanding 5 year stint for a center with counseling to help with truancy and mental health issues. It will provide "wrap-around" services. WIll run in 6 pilot schools and is completly funded by Medicaid with no cost to the school division. Very credible presentation The presenter involved in legislative decision we well-prepared and effective. The citizen comments presenters were not as well-prepared and could only make statements, not arguments The School Board voted to pass all of the legislative priorities in one form or another. It's decisions were reached based on a majority vote. However, all the memebers voted the same way in every decision. Individuals and groups did not voice differing opnions on the issues presented. The meeting seemed fairly routine and mundane. The meeting was productive and efficient. There was not too much time spent on any one topic. The media did not appear to be involved. Board Matters The Board Members attended many back to school nights Some concerns that were expressed to them were limited availability of the math investigations textbooks for elementary school and do teachers have to use them. Covington expressed a need to closely monitor speeding in school zones. Family Implications Families may be able to benefit from the services provided through Youth for Tomorrow Extra education dollars will mean better funding for students Questions about the math investigations program will help clarify its purpose in the curriculum Connection to Reading "The board must keep the school district solvent and get the most out of every tax dollar" (Woolfolk, 2010, p. 212). On the issue of increasting the budget for the FY of 2013, the persons in charge of obtaining grants from the Government were able to gain an extra $3 million than the year before. "Members, in theory, have no authority except during a board meeting and while acting as a collective group or board" (Woolfolk, 2010, p. 213). It was evident during the board meeting that the board has little authority outside of the board room. Also, in order for the board to make a decision it had to be voted on as a group indicating that the individuals members hold little individual authority. Follow - Up In the meeting following October 3rd., the issues addressed in the previous meeting were not brought up again. A new issue that was brought up was adminstering medicine in school. Also, the superintendent noted to approval for an International Bacculaureate program at Ellis Elementary school. References

Ornstein, Levine and Gutek. (2011). Foundations of education. (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
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