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Just Like That

No description

Catie Bais

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Just Like That

Just Like That Author: Marsha Qualey Book Report Done By: Catie Baisley Period 5 CHARACTERS HANNA MARTIN-
Main charcter
Loves to draw (which helps her escape from her twisting life)
Likes to help her mom with stage designing
18 years old
Misses her dad
Size 11
5 foot 10
Loves to dance
Feels like no one understands her
Guilty of Lyndsey and Derek's death
Broke up with her first boyfriend, Spencer (which lasted 11 months) and doesn't feel anything, not sad or mad
A senior at Humphrey High because she likes the crush and rush of suprises
Has two best friends, Maura and Kelsey
Used to tell her best friends everything until she took a walk down to Lake Calhoun
Works in the swimwear department at a departmennt store
Can be so heartless sometimes
The only one that knows that Lyndsey and Derek were getting into a fight when they died
Is actually friends with her mom and tells her pretty much everything
Can't stop drawing Lindsey and Derek and how they died
Fell in love with Will Walker
Looks at things closely
Wants Will to be dead to her because she loves him but hes too young
Dropped out of school because her secret about Derek and Lynsey leaked everywhere and she has enough credits
Feels like her life is spinning out of control
Can't stop wallowing or thinking about Will
Went to college in Rhode Island, but ater a year she transferred to DePaul in Chicago
Went and visited her grandmother (her mom's mom) in Barcelona
Works at Goodman Theater now
Named her cat after what Aerin said when she first met Hanna as Will's girlfriend, "Jailbait"
Ran into Aerin at a club in Chicago 4 years after the crazy winter and talked to Will again
Hated art school Rising Action Exposition Setting CLIMAX Conflict Falling Action Resolution CLAUDIA MARTIN-
Hanna's mother
50 years old
Has a small, wiry frame
A really in-shape dancer
Is the head of the award-winning drama department at Whipple Collegiate (which is the most elite private school in Minneapolis)
Her students adore her
Likes to analyze things
Loves teenagers
Told the Walkers' that they should "homeschool" Aerin and get her all the music lessons they could get her right after Aerin was expelled from Whipple
Doesn't want Hanna to fall in love with the Walkers' family because she doesn't have a big family
Believes that "sometimes school is the wrong place to be" for both Hanna and Aerin
Her mother left her when she was 4 years old
Now lives in Toronto with her new husband, Charles
Marriage has helped her unwind
Now owns a yarn shop
Drop dead gorgeous
Always there for Hanna
Plays hockey
Goes to Humphrey High
Going out with Zak
Zero-fat body
Has a 1580 SAT score
Hanna envys her matter-of-fact way of handling things
Is worried for Hanna
Teachers all trust her
In a tough spot with Hanna and Maura
Always takes Maura's side
Went out with Hanna's boyfriend (Spencer) behind her back
Broke up with Zak
Got a "yes" from 3 ivy league colleges all with hockey scholarships Maura-
Kelsey and Hanna's best friend
Very social
Goes to Humphrey High
Crazy, fun, caring, and outgoing
Always there for Hanna
Going out with Brian
Is worried for Hanna
Told Brian Hanna's juicy secret who told everbody
Broke up with Brian
Going to NYU for college Spencer-
Hanna Martin's old boyfriend
Neat, perfect blond hair
A "good boy"
Went to Whipple Collegiate, now a freshman in college
Cheated on Hanna with Kelsey
Claudia's boyfriend
Has two exes and two sets of children
Eventually married Claudia and now lives in Toronto Literary Elements LINDSEY ALRIGHT-
16 years old
Derek was her boyfriend for a year
Fell into a frozen pond on the back of Derek's uncle's ATV with Derek and froze to death trying to crawl out
Was homeschooled
Sunday school helper
Super role model
Was on the verge of a break-up that no one knew about except Hanna
Was buried with her boyfriend, Derek DEREK JOHNSTON-
Went to Brethen Academy (a private Christian school)
Played hockey
Sunday school helper
Super role model
Died by falling in the frozen pond on an ATV and getting stuck under the ice
Was driving his girlfriend, Lyndsey crazy right before they died
16 years old
Irony When Hanna was at the lake and the skiers said to her not to go out on the ice because there were thin spots, then later Lyndsey and Derek ask Hanna where the diner was and she said to go across the lake but she didn't feel like mentioning the thin spots because she was in a bad mood. Symbolism Theme WILL WALKER-
Always wears the same old yellow cap and worn-in bomber jacket
Has a patchy beard
Over 6 feet tall
Tells his sisters practically everything
The unidetified jogger that found Lyndsey's body at the lake
Jogs at least seven miles a day for baseball
Matured physically and mentally for his age
14 years old
Went out wit Hanna and never got over her
Goes to South High School
Can't get over breaking up with Hanna and gave her his yellow cap
Going to college at USC in Cali with a baseball scholarship
Guilty Hanna vs. Normal Hanna internal man vs. herself Hanna breaks up with her boyfriend, Spencer Hanna left the lake right before Lyndsey and Derek died and didn't warn them about the thin ice BETH WALKER-
Has dark red hair
Will's older sister
Now married

Will's older sister
A songwriter
Does freelance work for an ad agency
23 years old
Had Claudia as a teacher in high school until she was expelled
Was the driver in a horrible accident (with her band) and she was the only one who survived
Is mentally unsable
Runs away when things get crazy
Eventually moved out of her parent's house and started singing again as, "Sylvia Callahan" after Hannna MARK WALKER-
Will's dad
The congressman of Minnesota's fifth district
People try to get to him through his kids
Was lectured by Claudia about how a mess their daughter, Aerin is
Really, "Mrs. Walker", but she goes by "Ms. Callahan"
Will's mother
Has short, wavy red hair Hanna meets and gets sucked in to the Walker family Hanna breaks up with her one true love, Will Minneapolis, Minnesota and Chicago, IL
Modern times in the suburbs
From December to April of the same year, then 4 years later Maura told her boyfriend about Hanna's Lyndsey and Derek secret who told everyone Hanna found out that Kelsey and Spencer had a thing since Hanna and Spencer were a couple Hanna contacted Claudia's long lost mother Hanna moved to Chicago where she ran into Aerin who made her call Will (which happened to be a very long conersation). Changing from remorse to no remorse Hanna's pink roses
Lydney and Derek's fake pink roses That she was still alive just like her roses That they were dead just like their roses The coldness of the winter Death Sketchbook Freedom Yellow cap with stripes Hanna's long lost love for Will The frozen pond Guilt Will said to Hanna that his family would take her over and they did. Will keep on telling Hanna that she would hate him tomorrow, and she did when she found out how young he was and how he led her on. Maura said to Hanna that the last conversation she will ever have with Brian because he spilled Hanna's secret and it was, (Brian and Maura broke up in their next conversation).
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