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The Story of Gravesend Elementary School Library

A story to show the constant spirit of the library, though the times are a-changing! Created by LIU Graduate Student, Lauren Baideme

Lauren Baideme

on 6 March 2011

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Transcript of The Story of Gravesend Elementary School Library

The Story of
The Gravesend Elementary
School Library
Once Upon
A Time... There was a town called Gravesend. And in that town there was a school... And in that school there was a library... And in that library,
there were lots of books! To keep up with the times... The Library Media Specialist, Teachers, & Students started working together more than ever... To prepare Gravesend students... To be future leaders. And best of all... Those books from once
upon a time Are still the stars
of the library. But now they can be
searched for... Online... In school, From home... Or Anywhere! In Encyclopedias, Periodicals, Maps, and Almanacs. And everyone
was happy. And the Gravesend Elementary
School Library Website... ...helps to take students
beyond the walls of the library. What does the future hold for the Gravesend Elementary School Library...and beyond? It's up to YOU. And books can be read... On iPads... And more! Or listened to... On computers... On e-readers... Now, Gravesend students could look beyond the books on the shelves… Online databases… And by using safe search engines. And find answers in electronic encyclopedias… To looking and sounding like this: A whole new window to the world was opened… And research projects went from looking like this… The Gravesend students loved to read books... ...and the librarian loved to help them find books. When the students asked questions... The librarian showed them
how to find answers. ago... and beyond... But then, the Digital Age arrived. And better! and better... and better... And computers kept getting better... So then...
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