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Copy of Copy of Unethical Marketing Practices in Pakistan

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aashesh kumar

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Unethical Marketing Practices in Pakistan

Unethical Marketing Practices in Pakistan
Augmented business rivalry
Companies sale aggressively
Pakistan Competition Ordinance 2009
Unethical practices which should be avoided are :
Don't Sell Crap
Don't Try to force your customer into buying
Have a good customer support
Always over deliver
Don't give something different
We Would Be Primiraly Discussing These Four Companies Ads
Company Profile
Subscriber base of above 20 million in less than a decade
Network coverage in 10,000 Locations
Unethical Marketing Practices
Information about complete Guidelines regarding their Packages
Hidden charges, are not clearly specified
Cold war with Mobilink Jazz
An Example
Company Profile
Minimum investment of $2 billion
Began advertising in Pakistan on March 15, 2005
Creating employment opportunities
It contributes nearly Rs.23 billion in the economy
CSR activities campaigns such as Karo Mumkin
Unethical Marketing
Telenor, in its TVC of 2010, violated the advertising
codes of ethics in Pakistan
Misguide the youth
Cultural values
Faiza Alam wrote a letter to Telenor
The Ad was....
Solution adopted
Telenor held a Press conference
Apologized to the concerned people
Took off the TVC ad back
Soon launched another commercial
In order to avoid such situation it is essential for Telenor to keep a strict check
Company Profile
Captures around 90% of market share
Product is admired in many Asian countries
According to the Unilever claim “Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream gives you unmatched glowing fairness in just4 weeks"
Unethical Practices
Advertisement focused on a “fairer girl gets the boy easily”
Women’s Association appealed to the National Human Rights Commission
Stating that many of Unilever’s Fair & Lovely ads humiliate women
Unilever violated Pakistani advertisement ethics
They condescended a majority of dark skinned Pakistani people
Portrays the product as a necessity for success
Overstatement of the benefits of the product
Skin problems after the usage of the cream
Reinforcing and spreading negative values in the society
Deceptive advertisement
Hurting the self-esteem of women
Insult of the working women
Creating undesirable wishes
Unethical Practices Cont...
Unilever should emphasize more on the confidence of the women rather than portraying the beauty of the women

Unilever should not stress on the factor of fair skin complexion being the need of the society

Unilever should advertise their product truly and should not make such promises which can’t be fulfilled
Freshup Bubble(Hilal Foods)
Company Profile:
It has been providing quality confectionery products for the past fifty years
Diversified product range, with a variety of popular new confectioneries for consumers all over Pakistan
Hilal Confectionery (Pvt) Ltd has always given priority to consumer preferences of all demographic segments
It is the market leader in the Pakistani confectionery market
Unethical Practices
No problems with the starting punch line which says “har big hai bite aur khushboo bhi ziada”
Problem arises from the second lyric of the ad song
Here we go….
“Kushboo ho ziyada toa lift mile ziyada”
Marketers here has given an impression that having fresh up bubble can help you in such situations
These unexpected situations are the important moments to make a girl friend
Unethical Practices Cont...
“Jab freshness moon mein khilti hai, har baat lovely lagti hai, phir dil se dil milte hain ,aur friendship khoob chalti hai”

Here marketers are giving a very immature sort of a impression
Before proposing a boy/girl use a fresh up bubble as it will yield a successful answer

“Tension ki koi baat nai, jab freshness apne pass ho, phir confidence se mummy ko dilse gale lagalo”

Here marketers have given a recipe to cigarette smoking boys for deceiving their parents

The boy consumes fresh up bubble after smoking a cigarette
Marketers of this ad has shown their ordinary level mindset

Unfortunately this is the mindset of our masses

They are most often stimulated when showed such spicy and bitter ad concepts

Ads sponsoring Dance Parties and Dance Programs

Hilal should act as a role model for other companies
Owners of these products have to understand their responsibility towards the society

Please earn higher profits but sell the product in a modest and decent way

Avoid using seducing, brain washing elements and vulgar stuff

Be creative, there are uncountable interesting ways to sell things

Cheap short cuts ruins the morals of the whole society
“Jab mehki mehki saas ho toa confidence aata hai, jab confidence aata hai , haar kaam bun jaata hai”
Here in this part ,the boss without even having a glimpse on the document signs it
Interesting part is that document was an office sold agreement
A free recipe by marketers to the female office assistant / secretary of how to beguile their boss

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke5izmaO4vY&feature=related (orig)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ynFn82VD7Q (dance party)
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