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Movable type printing in Ancient China

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Allie carlo

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Movable type printing in Ancient China

Movable Type Printing in Ancient China
History of the movable type
Why was the movable type important?
Before the movable type printing, if you made one mistake on the woodblock, you would have to start all over. Using the movable type printing, people were able to reuse symbols to make different documents. Movable type printing changed how we made copies of paper. Instead of having to write it out or making a whole page you would have to throw out anyways you could reuse the letters and have less work.
How was the movable type made?
Some types of movable types were made similar to Chinese porcelain, using a mixture of clay & glue. To press the movable type down, you would place them side by side on an iron plate that had a mixture of resin, wax, and paper ash. Movable type printing can be on wood, metal, or clay. Chinese would make movable types out of clay because the chinese characters would tend to twist or deform on wood.
Are your hands tired of carving a woodblock for hours just to mess up and having to start over? Well, stop your worries, movable type print is easier and faster then woodblock printing. Movable printing ensures that the characters will not get deformed and that you can reuse them to make different words. When you are done with the blocks you can store them away and take them out when you need them again without them being ruined.
Before the movable type was invented, Chinese used woodblocks to do the printing on paper. The Song dynasty created the movable type to make printing faster. Instead of a whole word on the block, you can move around letters to make different words. They were all established on a big piece of wood. The movable type printing was invented by Bi Sheng. It was originally made in the 11th century, but wasn't perfected in untill 1279 AD by Wang Zhen.
Fun Facts
- By the Yuan Dynasty two colors of movable type printing were invented.
- China was the first country to make movable printing in metal and clay.
-By the Min Dynasty the copies looked exactly like the original with movable type printing.
- When it was first invented in the Song dynasty they used bronze plates which led to problems so they started using iron plates.
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