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One Direction

No description

Becca Mikulsky

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of One Direction

One Direction
How they got there start
They were 5 boys going into the X-factor auditions as 5 solo artist's. Simon Cowell decided to team them up to make them a boy band on July,23, 2010;
Just knowing One Direction.
Everyone knows One Direction as the #1 boy band around the world. They started off on the on the X-Factor as finishing the competition in 3rd place. The band members are, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles.
There music
One Direction writes some of there music but, some of there songs have been wrote by Ed Sheeran. There first hit album 'Up all night' which was realseed November 11, 2011. Then there following Album 'Take me home' was realesed on November 9 2012.
One Direction'sMusical Past
Harry~When Harry was in high school he was in a band called 'White Eskimo' were he was the lead singer were they would sing for talent shows.

Producers/Song Writers
~Jamie Scott- Producer
~Ed Sheeran- Song writer
~Teddy Sky- Producer
~Rami Yacoub-Producer
~Jake Gosling-Producer
~Paul Meehan-Producer &Song writer
~One Direction- Song writers

There performances
One Directions biggest performance was at the Olympics Closing ceremony in 2012. Another big performance was at Madison Square Garden for jingle ball 2012.
by Becca Mikulsky
Awards won
~American Music Awards
~Aria Awards
~Aria Music Awards
~Bambi Awards
~Billboard Music Awards
~Brit Awards
~Juno Awards
~MTV Europe Awards
~MTV Video Music Awards
~Much Music Awards
~Nickelodeon kid's choice Awards
~NME Awards
~NRJ Awards
~O Music Awards
~People Choice Music Awards
~Radio Music Awards
~Teen Choice Awards
~World Music Awards
~YouTube Music Awards
that's how
one direction
was created
Niall~As Niall was growing up he would preform in school plays and was in the school choir.
Louis~ When Louis was younger he would get roles he would play in on TV and also he would participate in plays.
Liam~Liam started acting and singing with a group at a local theater that was called Pink Productions when he was 12 .
Zayn~ As a teenager he would take performing arts courses and appeared in school productions.
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