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Personal Learning Network

Goals: A) Use Web 2.0 technologies to create a Transit Theatre Troupe presence online. B) Create promotion materials for Transit Theatre Troupe.

Kiara Brynne Smith

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Network

Double click anywhere & add an idea Personal Learning Network PR Squared Blogs & Bloggers
Social Media Explorer The Future Buzz Buzz Machine Web Strategy Brian Solis Silicon Valley Watcher Chris Brogan Mashable XML Aficionado Pete Cashmore @chrisbrogan (.com) @ is founder Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang http:web-strategist.com/blog @jasonfalls is Todd Defren + follow on Twitter (I subscribe to.) @briansolis (.com) @afalk @adamsinger web marketing/PR strategies recognized globally as a
Social Media & Public Relations innovator,
thinker & lecturer principal at shift is @TDefren "defining the convergence of media and influence" @jeffjarvis @ group blog
international partners Another Mashable @PRSarahEvans More on Twitter @kevinrose Digg Founder @shelisrael author of and the authors of @BenMcConnel & @JackieHuba And Web Design Guys

@henkvaness Then There Is Delicious Steve Rubel Media Rob Miss Krin Amanda Healey Jesse McFarlane Lhughes Seclib1 Social Upheaval my v-twin Thinkerer This is my personal learning network.
I also follow Li .com .com also follow on Buzz .com .com .com .com .com @lorirtaylor a few more social media experts @kbdevious
thisissocialmedia.blogspot.com delicious.com/k.brynne
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