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Water Quality Presentation

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Anaviya Williams

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Water Quality Presentation

Why Is Water Quality Important To Me ? Temperature Temperature
Dissolved Oxygen
Nitrates and Phosphates
Bio-Indicators Water Quality Is Important To Me Because Humans Cant Drink Any Quality Of Water Like Salt Water Which Could Kill Me. Also Water Can Have Any Type Of Diseases And Trash In It That Can Harm Me. :) Water Quality Is Measured By 7 Main Factors: In Natural Atmospheres Te Temperature Of Water Can Disturb Aquatic Life. If Water Gets Too hot Or Too Cold For Organisms They Could Die.A Healthy Group Of Trees Around A River Or Stream Helps Keep the Water Cool For Trout And Other Fish. This Tells Them How Much Oxygen Is Available In The Water For Fish And Other Aquatic Organisms to Breathe. Dissolved Oxygen ph Scientists Measure pH To Determine The Concentration Of Hydrogen In The water The p Stands For Potential Of And The H Is Hydrogen. Nitrates && Photosphates Turbidity Scientists Use Turbidity Measurements To Calculate The Inputs From Erosion And Nutrients. Are An Essential Source Of Nitrogen For Plants. Bacteria Bacteria Are Prokaryotes Which Means That They Have No True Nucleus. They Do Have One Chromosome Of Double-Stranded DNA In One Ring. They reproduce By Binary Fission. Most Bacteria Have Very Few Internal Membranes, Which Means That They Don’t Have Some Kinds Of Organelles. Most Bacteria Are Benign Or Beneficial, And Only A Few Are Pathogens. Bio-Indicators (Biological Sampling) An Anthropogenically-Induced Response In Biomolecular, Biochemical, Or Physiological Parameters That Has Been Causally Linked To Biological Effects At One Or More Of The Organism, Population, Community, Or Ecosystem Levels Of Biological Organization. What Are Some Of The Main Pollutants In Our Water System ? Untreated or inadequately treated municipal sewage is a major source of groundwater and surface water pollution in the developing countries. Sewage carries microbial pathogens that are the cause of the spread and disease. Domestic waste water, agricultural run-off, and other activities that increase the levels of nutrients in water bodies can cause eutrophication. Please Help , !!! No Littering ,
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