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The Texas Seven

No description

John Doyle

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of The Texas Seven

When and where was the incident
Who was involved
George Rivas Jr., was the group leader and planner of the escape, he was known for being the mastermind and very analytical with his thoughts.
Donald Newbury, was a lock technician, and knew how the back prison gate worked.
Patrick Murphy, was a carpenter and repairman who replaced windows and doors in the prison.
Randy Halprin, was a good con man and manipulator.
Larry Harper, lived in the same area as Garcia.
Joesph Garcia, lived in the same area as Harper.
Michael Rodriguez, had knowledge of the prison layout.
Raul Rodriguez, provided get away car.
Aubrey Hawkins, was a police officer who was murdered.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Denver Swat team
Americas Most Wanted
Correctional Officers
How did the events turn out
Why did it happen
The Inmates felt they were being mistreated
The Inmates were there for life sentences, except one for 30 years.
They were quoted saying the Texas criminal justice system is just as corrupt as them.
Officers were being careless.
Officers were not following protocol.
Flaws and weaknesses in the Connally Unit.
The group believed they could start their lives over.
What was ethically wrong
Ethics of Care
What is good is that which meets the needs of those concerned.
Corrections Perspective
Public Perspective
Larry Harper committed suicide on January 22nd, 2001.
Six prisoners were re sentenced to death after the capital murder trial.
Michael Rodriguez was executed on August 14th, 2008.
George Rivas was executed on February 29th, 2012.
Donald Newbury was executed on February 4th, 2015.
Joesph Garcia, Randy Halprin, and Patrick Murphy are currently on Texas death row waiting for execution.
The Texas criminal justice system was reevaluated.
Showed correctional system flaws and corruption.
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The Texas Seven
John B. Connally Unit

By: John Doyle
Contact Information
Email- jtdoyle@utica.edu
Thank you!
When and where did the incident occur
Who was involved
How did the events turn out
Why did it happen
What was ethically wrong
Contact Information

On December 13th, 2000 the incident occurred in Karnes county of Texas near the city of Kenedy, in the John B. Connally Unit.
The prison was a Maximum Security Unit for males.
About a month later between January 21st and 23rd of 2001 the men were captured.
They were located after an episode of Americas Most Wanted aired in Denver Colorado.
Five were located in Woodland Park on the 21st, two in Colorado Springs on the 23rd.
George Rivas planned the escape for 6 months.
Each person that was escaping offered a skill to contribute.
Using ploys the seven restrained maintenance workers, along with four correctional officers.
The seven then used civilian clothing as a disguise to subdue the guard in the watch tower.
The seven escaped in a prison maintenance truck.
At 3:00 P.M. it was noticed there were missing inmates.
A get away car was provided at a local Walmart.
Correctional Officers were fired.
Information was not released for a week.
Crime sprees occurred when they were short on supplies.
Police officer was murdered brutally.
Americas Most Wanted aired an episode of them.
Tips of their where a bouts became present.
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