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Neurobiological Development

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on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Neurobiological Development

Using Neuroscience: What Do Counselors Need to Know?
Neurobiological Development

Macro View of the Brain
SOURCE: http://www.bitrebels.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Right-Brain-vs-Left-Brain-2.jpg
SOURCE: http://homepage.smc.edu/russell_richard/Psych2/Graphics/Brain_directions_planes__sections_1_small.gif

Functional vs. Theoretical
Functional Neuroanatomy
Theoretical Anatomy
Executive Function:
The Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC)
“Amygdala Thinking” vs. PFC Thinking/Executive Function
"We must remember that brain images have their limits. Since they are
better suited for generating promising hypotheses than for confirming them
, they should be a starting point, not a finish line. Unless we are careful, pretty pictures of the brain can seduce us into drawing simplistic conclusions, leading us to ask more of these images than they can possibly deliver."

-Sally Satel, Time Magazine 2013
Psychopathic Brains
Pre- & Post-Natal Processes
Neurons and "Pathways"
"The fact that not one single neuron is permanently connected to any other neuron gives the brain the ability to change infinitely. Whereas one neuron may 'talk' to one neighbor today, it may decide not to talk with it or that neighbor tomorrow.... The brain of our client really is not the same brain the next session. Period."
A Counselor's Introduction to Neuroscience
, 2014
Adolescent Brain Development
Park and Reuter-Lorenz, Ann Rev. Psychol., 2009
Frederick Gage has suggested “new cells arise from long walks because, in an evolutionary sense, our bodies associate the exertion with moving from an existing territory, which had perhaps become depleted of food or too dangerous, to a new, unexplored territory whose details must be learned.”
-From Brain in the News, 2015, p. 8
Take a Walk in the Woods
SOURCE: Jonathan Roiser, The Psychologist, April 2015
"Neuroscience deals with what can be measured
at the level of the brain."
"Mental health practice takes
experience as its starting point."
Kent Kiehl
NOTE: Cerebrum is in forebrain.
NOTE: Pons is part of brainstem.
Phineas Gage
Memories - Siegel
SOURCE: https://www.slideshare.net/marina761/ppt-5920594
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