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on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio

2.My family Table of Contents 1.Who am I 3.When I was born 4.Where my family likes to go 5.Places I want to go 6.List of things I liked to do in my life 7.What I improved from the begging of the year and now 8.What job I want to get in the future 9.My hobbies Hello my name is seungymyeon.
I'm 12 and was born In Korea.
2001 November 12.
I was born in Jinju but I'm from ChangWon.
Also there some nice place. My favorite hobby is playing soccer and swimming. I like these sports because it needs lots of moving. I like swimming because i learned swimming when i was very young I was like 6 and I learned until 9-10 and I still like it. I like soccer because I was in soccer team and now I quit it because I have to go to China and we have to pack. My family likes to go to the place where you sit down and say something and it will really happen we go there 1 time a week. There are 4 people in my family mom,dad,brother and me. Now my dad is in Korea because he have to go to China and he has a lot of work to do now I live with my mom and me and my brother but I will be going to Korea soon in February 17 witch is my brother birthday and I will be staying 2 week in Korea and I'm going to China. I want to go to Egypt again and Thailand because it was interesting when I went to Egypt I like it because it had good hotel swimming pool also I like the squad that's where you ride those small cars also I rode a camel and it was so cool. Abu simbel This is the place where they put tombs because it was stolen many times in pyramid that's why they putted tombs. There are 66 tombs 62 of them are stolen and 1 is left and 3 are not found. Valley Of Kings List of things i like to do. Playing soccer Swimming Playing computer Running The thing I improved from the beginning of the year is English and speaking because in the beginning I couldn't speak and I didn't know anything so I improved a lot. T h a n k y o u For Watching
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