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A study of Constantino Brumidi's classic 1865 fresco, covering 4,664 square feet of legendary real estate. Created and presented for students at Blackhawk High School by Mr. Tripodi.

jeff tripodi

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Apotheosis

Neptune, god of the sea, holding his trident and crowned with seaweed, rides in a shell chariot drawn by sea horses.

Venus, goddess of love born from the sea, helps lay the transatlantic cable.

In the background is a form of iron-clad ship with smokestacks. Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, is shown with a wreath of wheat and a cornucopia, seated on a McCormick reaper.

Young America in a liberty cap holds the reins of the horses, while Flora gathers flowers in the foreground. Mercury, god of commerce, with his winged cap and sandals and caduceus, hands a bag of gold to Robert Morris, financier of the Revolutionary War. Caduceus: Mercury's staff; guide of the dead and protector of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars and thieves Minerva, goddess of wisdom and the arts of civilization, with helmet and spear, points to an electric generator creating power stored in batteries, next to a printing press.

Inventors Benjamin Franklin, Samuel F. B. Morse, and Robert Fulton watch.

At the left, a teacher demonstrates the use of dividers. Vulcan, god of the forge, stands at his anvil with his foot on a cannon, The Apotheosis of Washington depicts George Washington becoming a god.

Washington, the first U.S. president and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, is allegorically represented, surrounded by figures from classical mythology. with a steam engine in the background. Washington is draped in purple, a royal color, with a rainbow arch at his feet, flanked by the goddess Victory (draped in green, using a horn) to his left and the goddess Liberty to his right.

Forming a circle between Liberty and Victory are 13 maidens, each with a star above their heads, representing the original 13 colonies. Several of the maidens have their backs turned to Washington, said to represent the colonies that had seceded from the Union at the time of painting. Armored Freedom, sword raised and cape flying, with a helmet and shield reminiscent of those on the Statue of Freedom, tramples Tyranny and Kingly Power. She is assisted by a fierce eagle carrying arrows and a thunderbolt.
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