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Aetna Building Maintenance

No description

Beth Gifford

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Aetna Building Maintenance

What is the purpose of an incentive bonus plan?
To differentiate and reward high performing associates
Rating associates performance is key to their bonus award
Rating associates
using a 9-Block
Move the organization forward
This can be a make or break situation for companies, a market differentiator.....and competitive advantage
What is the relationship between performance and earning an incentive bonus?
Results and Behaviors are weighted equally
How you accomplish results is just as important as the results you deliver
Aetna Building Maintenance
Incentive - Bonus Plan

Effective performance management is the key to our success!

Thank you for reviewing this. The Excel workbook is also included. Please review each tab.

I'll look forward to your feedback.
Encourage continued high performance and..
What you accomplished and
How you accomplished it!
Placement in the 1, 2, and 4 block indicates that the associate achieved better than average results and did it with better than average behaviors.
The result of associate placement in blocks 1 and 2 is that bonus is modified to more than 100% as a reward for achieving results by demonstrating excellent behaviors
Placement in blocks 6, 8, and 9 indicate that performance needs improvement. Either results were not delivered or were delivered with undesirable behaviors
The first step is to rate your bonus eligible associates using the 9-block
Then fill out the bonus spreadsheet, inputting their performance modifier %, in the in box starting at column B, rows 44
The second change is an enterprise approach
Contribution to Overhead (Net Operating Profit)
Branch Client Retention
Revenue Commitment
Aetna Overall Company Performance

Bonus eligible associates' results will include their contribution to ONE AETNA. Everyone contributes to the success of the company, and this rewards knowledge sharing, team work, and collaboration.
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