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Stephanie Daniels

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of Services

Disability Services
Key audience: Xavier students with disabilities
Accommodations: extended testing time, less distracting testing environment, note takers, interpreters, etc.
Assistive technology
Academic coaching
And other services are available for students with documented disabilities.
Referrals for Psychoeducational Evaluations are provided.
Subject Specific Tutoring
Key audience: Current Xavier students who have signed up for a tutor.

Free subject specific tutoring by appointment with trained peer tutors.
Emphasis is placed not only on course material but also on the development of study skills.
Assist student to become independent and successful learners.
Study Skills Assistance
Key audience: Xavier students who want to improve their study skills.

Free Study Skills workshops are available on an individual or group basis.
Workshops are available for
time management
reading strategies
note taking skills
learning styles
Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Key audience: Xavier students in designated science courses.

Trained SI leaders attend the class they support and regularly facilitate structured study sessions that integrate "how to learn" with "what to learn."
SI sessions target traditionally difficult courses, courses with high rates of Ds, Fs, or Withdraws.
All students are encouraged to attend sessions and attendance is voluntary.
Courses that have SI include:
Anatomy & Physiology
General Biology
General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Music Theory.
Study Groups/Drop-In Tutoring
Key audience: Xavier students in specific courses.

Trained peer tutors are available for an hour in a designated location to facilitate study sessions in a particular subject.
Available for
College Physics
Music Theory
Sometimes additional courses, based on demand
No appointment necessary; students do not need to sign up for this service.
Website: www.xu.edu/lac
Key audience: Any User of the World Wide Web

Provides information on our services.
Forms to request tutoring
Current SI and Drop-in tutoring schedule
Click on the arrow below to view the presentation.
Disability Services
Assistive Technology Learning Center
Tutoring Services
Subject Specific Tutoring
Study Groups/Drop-in Tutoring
Study Skills Assistance
Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Thank you for viewing this presentation on services. There will be questions on the final quiz that relate to this information.
Key audience: Xavier Students with disabilities

Equipped with hardware and software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Read and Write Gold, iPad, iPad mini, various apps, reading pens, smart pens, etc. which are designed to reduce common barriers to learning such as reading and handling print materials, writing, note-taking, and organizational abilities
Located in CLC 324
Assistive Technology Learning Center
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