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No description

Antonio Ojeda

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Coppel

Background The year was 1941 when Don Luis Rivas Coppel decided, along with his son Enrique Tamayo Coppel, moving from the city of Mazatlan to Culiacan Sinaloa to establish a store called gift, which eventually ended up selling radios and watches . It was a difficult time, after the Second World War, people did not have the cash to buy cash, then decided to invest their capital Coppel saving to sell furniture on credit in weekly installments comfortable.? Very soon became furniture makers, managed more funding, introduced new product lines and business formed Coppel, who passed some years became Coppel SA de CV Coppel began primarily as a furniture store model. Regardless started with that model, as time went on was changing the perspective and vision of the founders and staff, allowing a fairly complete chain with a wide range of products and suppliers of different spins. Vision Values Quality
System Mission Being the favorite store, for the vast majority of the popular market, offering credit and easily the best variety of products and services, for the whole family and the home, at good prices for the whole family 1 Successfully meet the needs of all customers exactly what they would like that we serve them 3 Achieve customer preference based on attention and service. 4 Work in a simple manner to the benefit of the client. 5 Starting from the principle that all customers are credit-worthy. 6 Offer a wide variety of furniture and clothing to credit. 7 Handle the best brands of domestic and imported products. 2 Be an efficient shop, that work with low cost, simple processes and lots of service Humility
Prudence Selection Process Methods to recruit people. Through in-store signageAdvertisement in newspaper or mediaRecommended by relatives already working in Coppel 1 Recruitment Steps Quote 2 Interview 3 Verification 6 Presentation 5 Recruitment 4 Test The courses will be taught are: Welcome Course Sales Course Course of care and service Course to health and safety induction Special Course
Management Training Securities Course Training programs Coppel handles various types of training and each employee newly recruited to be going through each one of them mandatory. Kaizen The 5‘s Six sigma Mentoring Administrative
theories found in Coppel Japanese Philosophy Coppel’s Context. The company Coppel continually renewing not only products offered to its customers, but also systems and trainings that manages and provides your staff, skills and search go introducing better quality products to its customers. Classify. (Seiri)
Cleaning. (Seiso)
Standardized cleaning.(Seiketsu)
Discipline Coppel’s Context. The company always seeks to provide customers an image of cleanliness, comfort and order, so that they feel attracted and committed to when deciding whether to buy in Coppel Visio DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control), approach that measures and improves quality. Coppel’s Context. Coppel is a centralized from Sinaloa, where it is controlled, defines, measures, analyzes and improves systems and financial products offered to Coppel customers throughout the country. Tool aimed at developing the potential of individuals, based on knowledge transfer and learning through experience of the mentor. Coppel’s Context Store managers always seek direct communication with their subordinates. SWOT Strengths: Staff TurnoverTraining employeesconstant MotivationCommunication linesMarket and Broad Client PortfolioMarket experienceProvide benefits above those established by the LawIt covers all the national territory Opportunities: Expansion to South America
It addresses other market niches
Credit Facilities
Commercial Vanguard Weaknesses: High Prices
Exclusive New Brand
Selection Process
Little freedom of management decision Threats: Elektra and Famsa Competition
High Interest
Delinquent customers
Centralized Management Areas for Improvement (Recommendations) We recommend that you follow this type of service providing to society but to decrease interest rates or terms of purchase, because socioeconomic levels to which focused this company are not only indebted poverty addition, we believe that a store such magnitude could find a middle ground where not contradict your niche, your product and your prices, having a clear benefit but not harming both his clients, they end up paying up to 50% more than the merchandise of counting normally costs. By looking at the products and brands of these, you can find another contradiction because they are inexpensive and easily accessible, so it is advisable to create new brands and new product low cost and easy accessibility . When making hiring staff only accept truncated career for floor seats, and the management and training and acceptance is decided in Mexico. Due to the local manager performs functions of a supervisor because this only reflects and implements the decisions and orders of the matrix which is located in Mexico and does not have the freedom of choice you need, example is hiring. Each region, each branch has different style or different culture and therefore can not be implemented the same decisions in a region like other so we recommend giving the free choice to each branch by its management. Producción y procesos, (2001). La metodología 6 sigma ¿qué es? ¿Para qué sirve? Cómo se aplica. Requerimientos para su implementación. Etapas de implementación Recuperado de: http://www.gestiopolis.com/recursos/experto/catsexp/pagans/ger/no12/6sigma.htmVenegas, R, (2005).
Manual de las 5 S´s. Administración y gerencia. Recuperado de: http://www.gestiopolis.com/recursos5/docs/ger/cincos.htmGordon, F.(1994)
“ Mentoring: Helping Employees Reach Their Full Potencial, España: SEHernández, S. (2006).
Introducción a la Administración, MEXICO: MC GRAW HILL, CUARTA EDICION
Planificación estratégica nota técnica #1, Profesora Dra. Jessie M. Orlich, MBA, de la Universidad Para la Cooperacion Internacional. Bibliography Thanks for your attention
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