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The Black Death!

No description

Rachel Wolton

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Black Death!

So, where did the Black Death start? The Black Death How would I know if I had the
Black Death? Symptoms What can I do if I have the Black Death? The Black Death Let's take a closer look at this hideous disease and the impact it had on the Medieval world. The Black Death was a VERY deadly plague in the 1300s, that came from infected fleas living on rats. definition:
a disease that spreads rapidly In summary... Asia
1345 Black Sea
1345 Egypt
1347 Sicily
1347 Florence
1347 Spain
1348 France
1348 England
1348 Scotland
1349 Denmark
1349 Sweden
1349 Norway
1349 1345 1347 1348 1349 The spread of the Black Death How do you think infected rats were able to
travel to all of these places? Painful lumps (buboes) in the armpits, legs, neck or groin
A bubo is at first a red colour, then turns a dark purple or black colour
A very high fever
Muscular pains
Bleeding internally
Dizziness and not mentally aware
Vomiting and even coughing up blood!
Sleepiness - proven fatal if allowed to sleep
Quick death - only surviving 2 -4 days once getting the deadly disease Victims and even physicians were unsure of what caused the disease. Mixtures of herbs were used to relieve symptoms, but
there was no known cure. Some herbal treatments Headache? rose + lavender + sage + bay Vomiting? wormwood + mint + balm Lung problems? liquorice + comfrey Piercing your buboes? butter + onion + garlic (warmed) Is this nursery rhyme really as jolly and cheerful as we think it is? Some Medieval beliefs... The Black Death was caught from bad air (miasma)
The Black Death was a punishment from God
Drinking your own urine 3 times a day would help the sickness
Placing a live hen on swelling would draw out the sickness The Impact of the Black Death Prices and wages rose
Greater value was placed on labour
Food shortages and famine - food prices increased
Peasants moved from the country to the towns
The church's power and influence went into decline
Doctors started experiment on human bodies because medicines during the plague didn't work
The decline of the feudal system Most importantly... The hygiene did improve because the plague had shown the people the terrible consequences living under their conditions had - and how bad it could get!
Over the centuries, hospitals have got cleaner and medicine has improved - just some of the ways the Black Death has impacted our lives today! can you think of any other ways it has improved?
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