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Should Ponyboy Curtis be placed in a boy's home?

No description

Clarissa Dorr

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Should Ponyboy Curtis be placed in a boy's home?

Should Ponyboy go to a boy's home?
Darrell Curtis
Age: 20
Description: 6'2", Dark-brown hair, blue-green eyes
Occupation: construction worker
Hobbies: playing football, skiing
Dependents: the caretaker for his two younger bothers; Sodapop 17, and Ponyboy, 14.
Sodapop Curtis
Age: 16
Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, medium build
Occupation: Gas station attendant
Hobbies: Racing, dancing, fighting
The Curtis Brothers
Curtis Brothers
Ponyboy reading
Ponyboy Curtis
Small build, light-brown hair, green eyes
Darrell Curtis 20, Sodapop Curtis 17
Reading, playing football, watching movies, hanging out with friends

Reasons to stay in the care of his brother:
The brothers love each other and have a strong bond.
"I wondered how could I ever have thought him hard and unfeeling. I knew everything was going to be okay now. I had taken the long way around, but I was finally home to stay." p.99, p176.
The boys work hard so that they can stay together.
"Sodapop...a dropout so he could get a job and keep me in school, and Darry, getting old before his time trying to run a family and hold on to two jobs and never having any fun." p.43, p.108
Ponyboy does well in school and is a member of the track team.
"I get put into A classes because I'm supposed to be smart." p.15
"I make the honor roll at school all the time and might be a future track star." p.108, p.173

The Facts
Parents died 8 months ago.
His only surviving family members are his brothers, Darrell and Sodapop.
His oldest brother, Darry has been taking care of him since his parents died.
Takes Honors classes at school and earns very good grades.
On the high school track team.
Member of the Greaser Gang
Involved in the killing of a 17 year-old
Rescued children from a burning fire

Reasons to go to a boy's home:
Ponyboy is under too much pressure from his brother.
"Me and Darry just didn't dig each other. I never could please him." p. 13 p.
"You'd like that, wouldn't you?You'd like me just to get out."p.174
Ponyboy ran away & was involved in a crime.
"Come on Johnny, we're running away." p.51
"We were really running away,with the police after us for murder and a loaded gun by our side. p.62
Ponyboy is surrounded by bad influences.
"Two-bit was famous for shoplifting and his black-handled switchblade." p.10
"They had a file on Dally down at the police station. He had been arrested, he got drunk, he rode in rodeos, lied, cheated, stole, rolled drunks, jumped small kids-he did everything." p.11

Ponyboy should remain in the care of his brothers.
They have proved to be a responsible, loving, close family.
It is in all of their best interests to be kept together.
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