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Cryptid Hunters

Book Project

Grace Balza

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Cryptid Hunters

by Roland Smith Crytpid Hunters Chart Characterization Tone Grace Dalebroux Characters Marty Noah Blackwood Antagonist Flat/Static Evil, Liar, Wealthy, and a Murderer Protagonist Round/Dynamic Daring, Witty, and Rebellious Protagonist Round/Dynamic Skinny, Boring, Intelligent, and Afraid Grace Setting when Future and Spring-Summer where Point of View Omniscient Third Person Conflict Boarding school in Switzerland. Cryptos Island -Where Grace and Marty go to school Description -Very advanced school -Really strict headmaster -Island off of Seattle, Washington Description -Where Marty and Grace's Uncle Travis (Wolfe) lives Plot Courage Theme- Mood Style -Wolfe vs. Noah Blackwood (enemies) Character Vs. Character -Marty and Grace vs. the jungle in the Congo Character Vs. Nature -Marty and Grace are still at their boarding school in Switzerland.

-They receive the news that their parents crashed a plane into the Amazon and they went missing. Exposition -The twins move to Cryptos Island with their Uncle Travis (A.K.A. Wolfe)

-Wolfe needs to go to the Congo to save his friend from Noah Blackwood

-Marty and Grace are on the plane with him and they crash into the jungle Rising Action -Grace found out that Wolfe is actually her father and not her uncle, so Marty and Grace are not actually twins. climax -Noah Blackwood arrives at the Congo to get something that Wolfe has. But will it work? falling action -Marty's parents are still missing.

-They went to live on Cryptos Island instead of going back to boarding school.

-Noah Blackwood didn't get what he wanted. resolution Thematic statement -many gadgets that do not exist today and technology is more advanced

-taken out of school early, and didn't get back from the Congo until summer -Courage can get you through tough times and actually get you somewhere in life. beginning of story- The mood was very depressing because Marty and Grace found out their parents went missing in the Amazon. Meeting their uncle The mood at this time was a mix between exciting and suspicious, because they never knew they had an uncle, so what if this guy is a fake. Crashing in the congo -I didn't know what to expect at this point; if Marty and Grace would die, or if they would make it back to their uncle. ending The ending was very shocking and I didn't expect the book to end like that at all. -The author uses very descriptive words when describing a place or a character and there is a lot of dialog. Throughout the book, the author mostly wants readers to feel excitement, especially at the climax and at the very end, because you don't really know for sure what will happen until you finish the series. (narrator knows thoughts and feelings of all characters) the end "The opening was just big enough for a human to fit through, or a chimp. Marty got down on his knees and listened. He heard a faint hooting."
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