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2014 Green Acres & Nature Garden

Marketing Tool

Ted Properties

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Green Acres & Nature Garden

A well developed memorial park
located south of Cebu City,Philippines

There are two fully developed project
sites. Green Acres and Nature Garden- Memorial Park de Carcar is a 5 hectare property.

Green Acres and Nature Garden-Memorial Park de Argao was completed more recentlywith an area of 2hectares.
Investing in the


Get a huge discount for paying in cash P33,000 only OR pay a downpayment as low as P6,600 for a lawn lot and P1,100 monthly for 24 months

So do Memorial lots! Here's an overview of actual growth comparison after 6 years. It only takes time for the value to increase. Being a new project, more data on growth will be available in time.
so already decided? grabbing this opportunity is simple and easy!

1. Let us know and we will do the rest

email our exclusive marketing team @
or call out office +63 9183518164

2. Wherever you are in the world, we will execute a deed of sale (original signature required) after which an Official Certificate of Ownership will be issued b(this serves as a 'title" of the piece of property in Green Acres that you have purchase, functions likewise when transferring when you decide to sell in the future)
Carcar City is 40kms from Cebu City or
at least 45 mins drive from the city.
It is home to many well-preserved residences of the Spanish era
The marketplace is a famous go-to of tourists to buy the delicious "Lechon de Cebu"(succulent pig) and "puso." (hanging rice)
It is known for the best "chicharon" in the Philippines
(crispy pig's skin)
The municipality of Argao is 29km from Carcar City and has been a popular tourist destination through the decades.
It is one of the more technologically adept provinces in the south and the first to have WIFI public facilities
Home to the the famous "Argao Torta" and "tsokolate" made from organic chocolate, hand processed from cacao and made to a luscious hot chocolate drink
Equipped with the basic conveniences of a small city with a nearby large grocery/retail store and internet cafes to augment their attractions of beach resorts, caves and mountain climbing
Adventure seekers go on spelanking in "busok" caves, trekking along the treacherous riversides and plunge from a series of small and large waterfalls. Guides are required for these activities.
Dotted with heritage buildings, Argao church or the Church of St. Micheal is considered to have one of the most elaborate facades of all Spanish era churches in the Philippines


A comparison show Green Acres in comparison with other Memorial parks in Cebu
Properties in the Philippines
Why Nature Garden?
because we understand that a memorial garden is not just a burial place, but a park for the living to be able to spend time with the peaceful dead in a beautiful setting

Why choose Green Acres and Nature Garden
Memorial Parks?

Parking space
Wide 2-way concrete roads
Well lighted
Perimeter fence, guardhouse
Non sectarian chapel
Playground for children
Comfort room and wash room facilities
Tents available for services/visits
What does the price include?
-Perpetual care
-Perpetual maintenance
-Maintained order and aesthetics by providing design guidelines
-Open use of chapel and all amenities

Simply put, it has the lowest price in the market but largest in value. One reason for this is to keep it attractive and competitive given the location. SRP (South Reclamation Project) and current developments (Bigfoot, SM-Condominiums, Malls, hospitals, and proposed BRT-Bus Rail Transit) are bringing the South CLOSER to the city! Soon, Argao and Carcar will no longer be (if not yet) considered remote provinces
Why INVEST in Green Acres Memorial Parks?
Select a lot and payment scheme
Contact your Green Acres agent and request via email for an information sheet (submit with 2 scanned IDs)
A Deed of Sale will be issued in your favor
Make a downpayment/
full payment via:
Cebu Bank deposit via:

Green Acres & Nature Garden, JY Square branch of China Bank (Cebu)
POSB account (Singapore)
(other locations)
An OR will be emailed to you.Upon full payment, a Certificate of ownership (Lot title) will be issued in your name
5 Easy steps to investing
on a property in
(with discount)
When it is time to re-sell, we can assist you
Php 33,000
(Perpetual Care Fund *usually offered by others as a separate fee)
Ordinary Lawn Lot
Special Lawn Lot
Garden Lot
*Singapore: Faye
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