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Hair dryer by Jess and Jack

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Hair dryer by Jess and Jack

Why was there a need for hair dryers?
Hair dryers were needed so that people didn't have to blow there hair with a vacuum cleaner, because a hair dryer is much easier to use when blow drying your hair.
Who invented the hair dryer?
The inventor of the hair dryer was Alexander Godefroy in 1890.
What stages of development did it go through?
Hair dryers used to be very big and extremely hard to carry around, now, hair dryers are much smaller, more portable and more powerful.
What materials make up this product?
Where do a hair dryers materials come from?
Most of a hair dryers materials are manufactured in China.
What are the features of a hair dryer?
It's portable, has different speeds and temperatures and is automatically charged.
How does a hair dryer work?
Hair dryers work by blowing room temperature air through the vents. Then the goes over wire coils that produce heat, making it able to blow heated air. If there is a break in the electrical circuit, the electricity will no longer flow and the hair dryer will not work.
How is electricity transformed to make this product work?
Electricity will flow through the circuit into magnetic fields, causing it to produce heat and air.
Hair Dryer
By Jess and Jack
There are many materials inside a hair dryer, like coiled metal wire, an electric motor and a heating element. Without the electric motor, the hair dryer would not work because it would no longer have electricity connected to it.
What challenges were faced in the process?
One of the challenges faced in the process was adjusting the temperatures and speeds to be accurate.
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