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Copy of Pizza History(Timeline)

All about pizza

antonette reyes

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Pizza History(Timeline)

1st century
In this century the pizza had started to develope, which came back from the time of the "Virgin". Virgin 16th century
A Queen named Maria Carolina Margherita had loved or liked the three colored pizza. the three colors are green, white, and red. from that time the name "margherita" is now known as "Margherita pizza". the three colors represent the flag of Italy. Queen Maria Carolina Margherita 18th century
in this century the historical records of pizza is shown in an early record called "Calzone". the pizza we know today is originally in Naples. Calzone 19th century
in this century the Naples were added with some toppings. the toppings were pork fat, oil lard, cheese, tomatoes and tiny fishes 1,000 A.D
in this year the word "picea" had appeared in the historical record in Italy. This word is used to describe the flattened dough. Picea
In 1830, people ate pizzas in a restaurant for the first time. That's when Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba , the world's first pizza restaurant, opened its doors. In the 1890s, Italian immigrants brought pizza to the United States. Gennaro Lombardi opened the first US pizza restaurant on Spring Street in New York City. At first, pizza was mostly sold in Italian neighborhoods in big cities. The Pizzeria 1889
In this year pizza is given a skecthy History it is perhaps why the Neapolians in search of certainaties about their famous contribution. The only way the world eats latched eagerly on to one episode in June 1889. Margherita of Savoy, the queen of Italy, was thingking of making a monthlong visit in Naples. She was eager to try pizza, so she went and renowned the local pizzaiolo, Raffaele Esposito Raffaele Espito 1905
In this year the America's first pizzeria was owned by Gennaro Lombardi. His pizzeria was proclaimed as the America;s first pizzeria.Lombardi's is the epicenter of New York pizza which is established in 1905. it was staffed by Antonio Totonno Pero. Antonio Totonno Pero later opened Totonno's and John Sasso eventual proprietor of John of Bleeker Street. 1st Pizzerria
In 1943, Chicago has a style of deep-dish pizza that appeared as a pie. In larger cities such as New York and Chicago, pizza was being sold by the slice, an especially Italiano Style Pizza. Fried Pizza
In the year 1958 Pizza hut began to open which is now the world's largest pizza franchise. Today the Pizza hut company is part of the Pepsi Empire, but back then two brothers's borrowed $600 from their mother and started to forge the history of pizza hut. Pizza Hut has subsequently branched out and developed franchises all over the world. In fact it's diversity that has made the history of pizza hut so successful. 1985
In March 27, 1985 California Pizza Kitchen or called CPK was founded on March 27, 1985, which makes CPK nearly 25 years old as of the day of this posting. Nearly all of us have eaten there and have enjoyed their pizzas, pastas, soups, salads, sandwiches and other specialties. 1960
Domino's Pizza had opened, the nation's No.2 best pizzeria chain with more than 4525 US stores. It has the longest history with pizza delivery, offering the service for free since the chain's founder, Thomas S. Monaghan, opened his first store in 1960. Tim McIntyre, Domino's, vice presindent of coporate communications acknowledged that profit margins are tougher in the delivery business compared with those in sit- down restaurants, but he said the key is driving sales volumes.

On April 19, 1997 in Koskovich, an 18-year-old high school student and a 17-year- old Jayson Vreeland carried out their plans to lure a pizza delivery person to an abandoned property on Scott Road in Franklin Borough Sussex County and kill him. They ordered pizzas from Tony's Pizza, requesting delivery. 2009
On January 29th, 2009 at 4:08 pm ,Christian Miller wrote: The notion that wine doesn't go with pizza because it is ridiculous. Flour, cheese, tomato sauce – put these ingredients in any other combination (pasta, lasagna, bruschetta, panini, etc.) and wine would be served as a matter of course. So why not with pizza? If they really don't drink wine with pizza in Italy, I wonder if it's an accident of business/economic history rather than anything to do with taste Christian Miller
On the 5th of January 2011. american diet, american soldier, archeologists, chicago pizza, deep dish, european soldier, exact history, high temperatures, international delight, italian archaeologists, italian cities, italian market, italian pizza, market stalls, mount vesuvius, pizza history, pizza restaurant, quick lunch, rock 102, sicilian pizza, small fish, three colors, tiny fish, volcanic rock. Pizza, аѕ weе know today, came frοm word "picea". Sources:
Pizza History
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