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Green Chemistry Project

Green Chemistry Progect

Annika Van Ryzin

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Green Chemistry Project

Ocean Acidification CO2 + CO3 + H2O --> 2HCO3 Carbon
dioxide Carbonate Salt Water Carbonic Acid Hydrogen determines how acidic the water becomes. Very Acidic Oceans Research Question: How does ocean acidification affect underwater life? Burning Fossil Fuels Gas from cars Carbon
Dioxide Salt Water Natural Causes It affects many small fish, oysters, hermit crabs, and mussels, but that eventually disturbs the bigger fish and animals that eat them. We will soon see a decline in the number species in the water. Then eventually a decline in what is offered at human restaurants. + Like Global Warming-
The greater amount that we rely on burning fossil fuels and use gas, the more animals underwater are affected and hurt. The affects go up the food chain. 30% of the carbon dioxide emitted by industry, cars, and burning fossil fuels is absorbed by the oceans. Animals with hard shells or skeletons will be affected most Humans are indirectly affected, but are affected greatly. 6 oxygen
2 Carbon
2 Hydrogen Balanced Reactants: carbon dioxide, Carbonate, Water

Product: Carbonic Acid Eating Research Definition: Ocean acidificaion is the ongoing process of a decrease in the Earth's oceans pH due to the uptake of carbon dioxide. H2CO3 --> H+ + HCO3 Healthy Coral Reef Unhealthy Coral Reef
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