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Future Technologies

No description

esther gbenebor

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Future Technologies

Biotechnology & Medicine Researchers have found a numerous amount of ways to devolop our health services in our future life. One thing they have found is a chip that could diagnose patients. This chip is quicker and more efficient. It requires less blood to be taken from the patient waiting to be diagnosed. Genetic medicine - a start for the future. Scientist working in The Society of Human Genetics, are trying to make medication apply to not only the human race as one but groups within the human such as those of ethnicity. As different people have different side effects towards some medicines reasearchers are trying to put a stop to this. The Audi A0 QS, Q stands for four-wheel drive and S for sports, has been specially designed for athletes and rich people to enhance their active lifestyles. This small and dynamic sports car is equipped with electric motor and a hydrogen engine that make the car entirely hybrid. FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES ! Pedalboard has the features of both a skateboard and a bicycle. It enables you to go up steep hills without using much power and strength. The large wheels and air tires can skate on a multitude of floor materials, such as concrete, grass and mud. This phone by Nokia has been designed to charge itself using airwaves in the air and not using any wires. It is said that it may be brought on the market in approxiamately 4-5 years. THANKS FOR WATCHING MY PREZI, HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT !
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