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Song of the Trees . . By: Mildred D. Taylor

No description

Tyrion Anderson

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Song of the Trees . . By: Mildred D. Taylor

Foundation Main Idea & Supporting Details Events Theme Resolution Conflicts #1 Conflict:
Mr. Andersen is trying to cut down all of the trees on the farm
Other Conflicts:
The family is low on money.
Mama is sick and doesn't have the the money she needs to get her medicine. Characters Song of the Trees Papa threatens to blow up the forest if Mr. Andersen and the other lumbermen do not leave. Mr. Andersen and the lumbermen finally leave. BY: Mildred D. Taylor Setting Mama
Little Man
Big Ma
Mr. Andersen
Tom In Jackson, Mississippi on a farm,
during the Great Depression. With the depression bearing down on her family and food in short supply, Cassie Logan isn't sure where her next meal will come from. But there is one thing that she knows will always be there-the whispering trees outside her window. Cassie's trees are a steady source of comfort to her, but they also happen to be worth a lot of money. When Mr. Andersen tries to force Big Ma to sell their valuable trees, Cassie can't just sit by and let it happen. She knows that her family needs the money, but something tells her that they need the trees just as much. Cassie goes into the forest to take back whats hers with her family's help. Great Depression Jackson, Mississippi Cassie and her brothers are playing in the forest when they see X's on most of the trees.
They see Mr. Andersen and Tom talking about cutting down the trees.
Big Ma lets Mr. Andersen cut down the trees for $65.
Papa rescues Little Man before Mr. Andersen can whip him with his belt. In life, all people need is courage to do the right thing and not get pushed over.
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