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FINAL: Fences Literary Elements Assignment: by Herc De Guzman and James Bowen

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James Bowen

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of FINAL: Fences Literary Elements Assignment: by Herc De Guzman and James Bowen

1.0 Literary Element #1 1.3. Media #1:
Ella Fitzgerald : One note Samba (scat singing) 1969 2.1 SYMBOLISM: 2.3 Media #2 FENCES Definition: The practice of
representing things by means of
symbols or of attributing symbolic
meanings or significance to objects,
events, or relationships.

Thesis Statement: In the play
Fences, author August Wilson
utilizes symbolism to facilitate the
process of comprehension, and
demonstrate how the characters
interpret subjects and situations. By: August Wilson
Presented By:
Herc De Guzman
James Bowen 1.2 CHARACTERIZATION OF TROY: Definition:
The description of the
distinctive characteristics or
essential features of a character in a

Thesis Statement:
In the play
Fences, author August Wilson
utilizes characterization to describe
what features are demonstrated in
dynamic characters, such as the
protagonist Troy, and how those
characteristics affect/develop in the
characters; foreshadowing responsibilities and actions. Ms. Linda
Period 7A
English 10 Quote #1:
“Troy: ‘Death ain’t nothing. I done seen him. Done wrassled with him.
You can’ tell me nothing about death. Death ain’t nothing but a fastball
on the outside corner.’ (1.1.10)”

- Troy doesn't fear death/Knows the consequences

Conclusion: Troy has
- Lack of Education;
- Real-Life Perspective
- Overconfidence
- Inhabitant of the Past
- Passionate about B-ball 1.1 CHARACTERIZATION 2.0 Literary Element #2 "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree."
-Richard Jente 2.2 SYMBOLISM: FENCES Quote #1: Rose: "Some people build fences to keep people out...and other people build fences to keep people in." Interpretation:
- Fence keeps bad out, good in.
- Rose builds her symbolic fence to keep her, Troy, and Cory united.
-But Troy builds symbolic fences of dedication and responsibility, aspirations so high that neither he nor his sons can live up to them. Rose: "Jesus, be my fence all around me everyday. Jesus, I want you to protect me as I travel, all around me everyday. Jesus, be my fence all around me everyday." (1.2.21) Characteristics/Metaphor:
Troy can be compared to:
1. A Tree Root.

similarities of a root and Troy:
- Strong (battles Cory for B-ball bat),
- Dry (no feelings),
- Basis of every plant need (Provides for the family financially). 1.2 Continued... Quote #2:
“Troy: ‘Liked you? Who the heck say I got to like you? What law is there say I got to
like you? Wanna stand up in my face a damn fool-ass question like that. Talking about
liking somebody.’ (1.3.37.)”

- Troy doesn't love his son, through the belief that providing him with a shelter is enough (legally).

- Doesn’t set expectations voluntarily
- No feelings for family
- Follows father's steps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbL9vr4Q2LU Quote #2: Interpretation:
- Rose is safe with a fence as long as Jesus is it.

- Rose has faith/doesn't need to see to believe.
- Troy doesn't/needs to. 1.2. Continued...
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