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South America

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etow wote

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of South America

South America
Languages, Countries
South Americas climate is mostly tropical in the eastern part of the continent. The western part is a mix of desert and dense mountains. The northern part of the tropics is more dry and hot, when the south east is very hot and sticky. The Amazon River basin receives 79 inches of rain per year on average, when Crested Butte gets 24.09 inches per year. South America is no all rain, The Atacama desert is one of the driest places in the world. One of the biggest mountain ranges in the world, the Andes are located in South America. The tallest Mountain in the western and southern heimespheres, Aconcagua (22,841) is located here.
Physical Geography
Major Mountain Ranges:
In the Continent of South America, the people speak these languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Dutch, and tons of native languages such as Guarani. There are 12 different countries in South America.
The Andes Mountains stretch from as far up as panama to the southernmost tip of South America. Running near 4,500 miles in length, the Andes are the source of many rivers. Dozens of the summits are over 20,000 feet in elevation. The highest peak being Aconcagua at 22,384 ft (which Abram Nute Climbed last year).
The Andes
Major Landforms:
The Amazon Basin is home to the largest tropical rainforest in the world. The basin covers over one third of South America and rains and average of 200 days in a year with about 100 inches of precipitation annually.
The Atacama dessert is located high up in Chile. The dessert is small and cold. It receives no rainfall. The land is very baron and harsh.
Pantanal covers a humongous area in southwestern Brazil. It is the worlds largest wetlands. There are massive amounts of aquatic plant life and a very wide range of animal species as you can imagine.
Sierras de Cordoba
are in the heart of Argentina with magnificent overlooks of the Brazilian Highlands. Roughly three million tourists visit the mountain range per year. The Sierras de Cordoba are older than the Andes and known for the mild climate. Named after the Cordoba province and home to over 100 bird species
Wilhelmina Mountains
are located in central Suriname. They form part of the Guiana sheild but were named after Queen Wilhelmina of the Nederlands. These low mountains are inhabited with over 2000 varietys of trees.
Major Rivers:
The Amazon River is probably most well known river in South American river. It's the second longest river in the world and one of its three major river systems runs about 4,000 miles from the west to east and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Magdalena River is the main river of Colombia. From southwestern Colombia it flows about 1,000 miles northward to the Caribbean Sea. It is Navigable for most of its length so the Magdalena is a major freight artery. For centuries it has provided a main route to the inland.

The Maipo River in central Chile flows from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. In 1818, the last major battle in Chile's war for independence from Spain was fought on the banks of the Maipo.
to the Northeast
North America:
to the Northwest
The three main religions in South America are:
, and
. Hinduism and Islam are dominant in the Guyana and French Guiana area. There is also a lot of Judaism in this area. But overall, Christianity is widely practiced throughout the continent. in the Andes, animism and shamanism are common. But don't forget, there are hundreds and hundreds of religions in South America. just because of all the tribes.
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Adobe Church
Voodoo cleansing
South America has not rapidly grown economically in the past. But recently, there has been a lot of growth economically for the continent. They have started to get aid from greater economically independent continents ever since World War II ended. The biggest individual economies in South America are Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. Argentina, Venezuela, and Peru are currently growing economically very rapidly.
South American Money
12% of earths land!

South America's total population is estimated to be 579,092,570 in 2005 according to Dr. Lizcano.

Estimated ethnic group population according to self-identification (2007-20011): Mestizo-208473325 (36%)
White-179518697 (31%)
Mullato-46327406 (8%)
Black-40536480 (7%)
Amerindian-40536480 (7%)
Asian-<5790926 (1%)
Other-11581850 (2%)
DK/NR-46327406 (8%)
South America is 6,879,000 sq. miles.

It contains 12% of the earth's landmass.
A piece of
land in South
The Amazon River
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