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Native American Literature

Myths, Nature and Stereotypes

Felicia Richardson

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Native American Literature

Native American Literature
Example for Native
American Myth!!
"Burning Sky" by KO
How is this video clip used to
describe Native American
What is a Myth?
Three Elements of a Myth
Myths are use to describe the unknown
world of Native American Literature.
Define Myths in the Native American Culture.
Explain the Stereotypes in Native American Culture.
Explain how Native Americans use Nature in their culture.

Increase their knowledge on Native American Literature.
Traditional Story
Supernatural Events
A traditional story, which may describe the origins
of the world or of a people.
Sometimes sacred in nature, a myth can involve
gods or other creatures. Also, a myth represents reality in dramatic ways.
The three elements exist within the myth called "Burning Sky". The
part is the Chief which is known in Native American Culture. The video also includes a
. For example, the Chief created the sun but, we don't know how. Therefore it remain a mystery. Lastly, the
Supernatural Event
happened when the chief brought a dead fish back to life.
The Native American culture is
faced with many stereotypes.
Common Stereotypes:
Native Americans were not civilized
They were crazy
They were ruthless and violent
All Native Americans wear body paint
Most Native Americans have strange names.
Native Americans are not religious
The Truth
Native Americans were very civilized people. Their unique culture is what made them stand out.
The Native Americans were not crazy, ruthless, or violent. The only time that they may be seen that way is when protecting their land and whatever else may be theirs.
TV shows and movies portray the Native Americans as always wearing body paint, as looking like savages. They mostly took on the appearances during rituals, storytelling, and battle.
Most Native American have normal names like John or Michael, not Silver Foot or names of that nature.
Lastly, Native Americans are very religious. Their religion is one of the most important aspects of their culture.
Why is it so important to
inform people about Native
American Stereotypes?
Teaching about Native American stereotypes will help people to become less ignorant to the truth. It will help people to grow smarter and wiser as individuals.
Here is a video on
how the world views Native Americans:
How to Play
The teacher will ask a question, the
person that raise there hand first and
answer the question correctly will get
a treat. The teacher will take your first answer, you can not change your answer after the first answer.
Nature is presented in many different ways in the video
"Burning Sky."
Setting of video is Nature
Chief walks through wood
Chief son is born
Dead fish to life
Class Version
These questions are ONLY true or
How Well Do You Know Native American Literature
Definition of a Stereotype:
"Stereotypes are oversimplified or inaccurate representations of people. They can create misconceptions, especially when there are no alternative portrayals to displace them" ( McDougal Littel literature).
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