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Peter C. Lemon

No description

lib hist

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Peter C. Lemon

T'onna and Jade J.
Cites Used
Peter C. Lemon

~He recived the honor on April 1st , 1970.
~The honor was given to him by president Nixon.
~He is also one of the youngest recipients to receive the award (medal of honor).
June 5th 1950
received the award for...
Lemon saw base was under heavy attack. He took out a numerically superior amount of the enemy with a machine gun and a rifle from his position until his weapons malfunctioned. Lemon used grenades to fend off enemy launched his way. He disposed of the last soldier using hand to hand combat. Even with fragment wounds, he carried an intensely injured comrade to an aid station. Lemon was wounded again by enemy fire. Despite personal injuries, Lemon moved to his position through a hail of arms and fire of grenades. His defensive sector was in danger of being overrun by the enemy. He assaulted the enemy soldiers by throwing hand grenades and hand-to-hand combat. The enemy retreated . Lemon held a machine gun and placed effective fire upon the enemy, until he collapsed from wounds and exhaustion. When he regained consciousness, he refused medical evacuation until his seriously injured had been evacuated. For showing such gallantry , Lemon was labeled a hero. He showed courage to and fought off the enemy and citizenship for making sure his comrades were safe before he was. Patriotism doesn't begin to explain how true and helpful Sergeant Lemon was.
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