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Knowledge Building Overview

An overview of using knowledge building and knowledge forum in the classroom

Tamara Yuill Proctor

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Knowledge Building Overview

Characteristics Students: 23 students 4 girls, independent school.

Topic: Visual Text A.S 1.2, external assessment, film studied was ‘Social Network’

2 periods a week on computers in library working on KF
2 periods a week in classroom putting the discussion and learning together
The 2 KF periods – worksheet with some general information and tasks – provide students with a concrete learning activities
The 2 in-class periods – students would discuss a lot of what was done online, clarify ideas and thinking, develop and learning techniques via movie and class based activities.
Summary Students develop the idea of jealousy through discovering the source and creating a deeper reason – ‘ambition’ backed up with examples and linked to the start of the film and what the audience should be feeling. This then led the students to look at teh Foreshadowing that was taking place and to discuss the directors intention

Tamara Yuill Proctor
New Zealand Knowledge Building
in the
Year 11 English classroom Findings View – Themes
Cluster – B Topic – Jealousy
4 participants, 6 notes

The initial idea by Student A
“Mark was lured away from Eduardo by Sean but it was not just Sean who destroyed their friendship as Mark was already jealous of Eduardo being invited to the phoenix club so in a way the friendship was bound to fail under the pressure of facebook, Sean Parker and the Phoenix Club.
Notes Continues Note 2 Student B:
“It was fair for the friendship to fail because it was very one-sided. Mark is naive and couldn't understand that the relationship was an imperative part in the creation and the sustaining of the website (facebook). .. This is why Mark was so easily played right into the control of Sean (power, status crazy moron) who had always planned to use Mark as a stepping stone to get to the top of business world => he is a man of great vision and terrible morality.
Note 3 student 1 -builds on note 2
“He continues down this road by diluting Eduardo's shares in facebook( also courtesy of Sean.)This proved the end of their friendship as Eduardo sues Mark for all his lost shares."
Notes Continued... Note 5, student D
“Mark's friendship is ruined because of Mark being very ambitious. Mark is willing to buy away his friendship with Eduardo in order to succeed with facebook

Note 6 - student A, built on note 5
His ambition is clearly shown when he is arguing with his girlfriend Erica over finals club and the audience gets the feeling he will do anything to get into one including destroying his friendship with Eduardo
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