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Presentation new hotel

No description

robert lagro

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Presentation new hotel

Architectonic Content
Mood board
Rooms Division Concept
Presentation new hotel
Marketing Research
Rooms Division Concept
Architectonic Content
Operations Plan
Finance Plan
Operations Plan
- Rate Strategy
- Staffing
- Choice of in- outsourcing
- Choice of Technology
Marketing Research
Mission & Vision
Finance Plan
- Projected Costs of Investment
- Budgeting Methods
- Income Statement
- Cash Flow
- Building
- Zuidmolen
- 1985

Aspects that support the mission/vision
- Historical timeline
- Inside garden with own grown vegetables, fruits,
eggs and small hen hound
- Sustainable products will be used
- Warm colors within the hotel
- Nature, cultural en historical pictures of Twente

Rooms Division Concept
- 50 apartments
- Rest of space
- Improving the image of Enschede
- Level of service

Rooms Division Concept
Rooms in the hotel
The room types in hotel Eanske:
- 20 standard rooms
- 23 deluxe rooms
- 5 family rooms
- 2 suites

Architectonic Content
Mood board for hotel rooms
Standard Room
Deluxe Room
Family Room
Executive Lounge
Mission: ‘’Hotel Eanske wants to attract guests by getting them in their own dreaming stage and offer them experiences which they will never forget‘’.
Vision: ‘’In the reach of 5 years, this hotel will be the market leader in the province Overijssel‘’.
Hotel Eanske
How to attract our guests?
Unique Selling Point
Back up slide survey
Why the city Enschede?
- Developing city
- No hotels in the city centre
- Enschede offers a lot of facilities

- Midscale, 4 stars
- Various target groups
- Facilities:
Free parking
Business facilities
Wedding facilities

- Indirect marketing
Travel agents
Vakantie veilingen.nl
Bookings: booking.com, expedia
- Direct marketing
Personal contact
- Social Media

Inside garden with city farming
A bar in a farmhouse
Cultural and historical aspects

Cash Flow
Operations Plan
Rate Strategy
- Standard Room
- Deluxe Room
- Family Room
- Suits

Operations Plan
Operations Plan
Choice of in- outsourcing
Semi Outsourcing
- Gardener
- Housekeeping
- Handyman

Operations Plan
Choice of Technology
- Free WIFI
- Social Media
- Green lights
- Internet criminals
- Camera's
Income Statement
Architectonic Content
Time line
Architectonic Content
Inside Garden
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