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Local Policing

No description

Mike Douglas

on 6 July 2017

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Transcript of Local Policing

Answer Surveys
Help Manage
and Empower

"A problem well understood
is a problem half solved"
Send instant and trickle-fed surveys
Auto-update user profile, groups, priorities and interests based an responses
Overlay survey responses on engagement map
Members manage their own details
Support admin is shared
Access Real Time, Local Engagement Information
Fire & Rescue Services
National Partner sites
Rural / Farm Watch sites
Paper Forms and Mobile Kiosks
Rapport "Add user" system
Lasting contact from each encounter
Member Location
Many standard reports provide insights to an area
Data instantly fed to frontline screens using
Country Watch members who have agreed to provide feedback
Filter any survey questions against other questions or interest groups
Country watch members who have agreed to take part in extended consultation
Neighbourhood Knowledge
1100+ members update their own details per day
Other Partner Admin
NHWN M.S.A. Admin
Police Portal Admin
Member Self Management
Member's sharing permissions determine the extent of shared administration
The Unique Alert Approach
The most accurate data is data that the end user has control of
The only solution for managing a large active database
Empower the public to "own" their own account
A “perma austerity” proof solution
NHWN trained volunteers contribute
£1M a year
in administrative support
the Solutions

Build your database, engage your active citizens
and enhance trust when it is quiet
Access all of this knowledge instantly
when you need it under pressure

Sales and Marketing: Neighbourhood Alert
VISAV Limited
Thank You
Example Engagement Information Card
Technology to Support 21st Century Policing
Police Portals
NHW Association websites
4 Million+ messages per month
365,000+ Members
15,000+ Police users
250 Multi Scheme Administrators
18 Police Forces

Bigger Picture
Serious incidents
Severe weather
Stratigic engagement now for neighbourhood policing is building resilience for future "worst -case" incidents
During an incident know immediately where key individuals live in the area
Fix the roof when the sun is shining, not during the storm
". Identify vulnerable people in advance
Counter Terrorism
Information distribution
Targeted messages based on GPS position and skills
Download the app
Build an effective, active contact database
Information should be an enabler
Change policing activity to be more efficient
Rapport is included
FOC with your Alert
Impact of some of the “Group linked” questions on group membership

331 New 4 x 4 Vehicle drivers

99 New CCTV owners registered
Q2 : Please rate Cumbria Community Messaging system against each of the below
Q1: Overall, how satisfied are you with the system: Cumbria Community Messaging?

Campaign dates: 4 June 2015 – 14 June 2015
Duration ten days
Distribution method: Cumbria Community Messaging
Survey tool: Community View (by Neighbourhood Alert)
Target audience: Members of Alert in Cumbria (4,644)
Responses: 1380 (30%)
Other methods used: No

Campaign Overview

394 New dog walkers

Has being a member changed your opinion of...

Respondents: Geo-Demographic representation
Results summary
Community Messaging Survey

This data transfers to a simple column chart showing the proportion of each geo-type in Cumbria (in grey) next to the proportion of each type that we have received responses from (in red)

This report shows the number of homes of each geo-demographic profile in the area. Column two shows the number of each type of home that was surveyed and column three shows how many responses were received from each geo-type.

Respondents: Geo-Demographic representation
Summary: Cumbria July 2015
Summary: Lincolnshire March 2015
Lancashire Survey Result: Aug 2015
Does it work?
Standard Registration
Business Registration
Quick Registration
2-3 minutes
3 - 5 minutes
30 - 40 seconds
Tools to enable NHW activation
Database Growth
Send Messages
Social Media
Monitoring & analysis
Crime Reporting
Victim Registration
Case Updates
Integrated Surveys
Increase registration
Auto Response Actions
Public Facing Smart Phone App
Beta Launch: March 2015
Current Stats
Messaging Costs: A Comparison
Thames Valley Alert
Cumbria Community Messaging
Number of registered users:
Total messages per user, (pm):
Voice & text sent per user, p.a:
Voice & Text messages sent p.a:
Average messaging cost per user per annum:
Average Satisfaction Rating:
(Last six months)
Total messages sent in 2015
(Inc email)
But Are The Users Satisfied?
Thames Valley Alert
Cumbria Community Messaging
Survey feedback regarding message quantity:
84% feel the quantity of messages is "About right"
Survey due in 2016
"So what might our messaging cost?"
Based on our average cost per user, per year at £0.0986 (10p)
13,000 users = £1,300 pa
25,000 users = £2,500 pa
50,000 users = £5,000 pa
Thames Valley
Message prioritisation
Message type selection
"Optimise cost" facility (Pay for text & Voice when needed not just because it is wanted)
Training and operator understanding
Simple Rapport Interface
Eighth generation registration screen (gathers email address effectively)
Smart phone usage has increased
Mobile App and Twitter/Facebook linked accounts will reduce messaging costs further
Full transcript