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Help students with the click of your mouse

No description

Danielle Taylor McKean

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Help students with the click of your mouse

HELP STUDENTS WITH THE CLICK OF A MOUSE Student Involvement Survey Student Involvement Survey What You Need To Know 87% say they are more likely to attend an event on campus if they see it posted in multiple places, including the web.

77% say accompanying photos of previous events increase the likelihood they will partake in the posted event.

51% say peer recommendation is useful when deciding to partake in an event. "Please include date, time, types of activities, truthful comments by peers, and advanced notice."

"I like to know what exactly is expected as a time commitment."

"I just like to know what is going on. The more things I hear about the more likely I am to get involved and the more involved you are the more fun you have."

"Please include times and dates, overview of the activity, and why it is fun/beneficial/relevant" Every department is in charge of maintaining their own website
I need at least 2 days advance on MINOR updates
SAT Web Standards (weber.edu/sat)
WSU Style Guide (weber.edu/UniversityCommunications/Styleguide.html)
Where students are
Create trust & loyalty
Increase event attendance
Shows competence & integrity
Increase SEO Why Maintain Your Website Potential of Websites Port-au-Prince map

Student Affairs website potential

Cannot move forward without mastering the basics
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