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Goddard Health Center Info by Husayn Ramji

No description

Husayn Ramji

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Goddard Health Center Info by Husayn Ramji

Goddard Health Center Info
By Husayn Ramji

Goddard Health Center is located on 620 Elm Avenue on the West Side of Campus.
Goddard offers an innumerable amount of services to the student body. These include:
Allergy Injections
Lab and X-rays
Nutrition Services
Physical Therapy
Womens Center
Goddard Health Center is also home to the University Counseling Center of the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus. The entire second floor of the Goddard Health Center is dedicated toward counseling and testing services.
In order to schedule an appointment with the University Counseling Center, call (405) 325-2911
In order to setup a general appointment, call (405) 325-4611
EDAH 2963
University of Oklahoma

Thank you!
Presentation by Husayn Ramji
EDAH 2963
University of Oklahoma
The Goddard Health Center is literally a small hospital on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. There are actual board-licensed doctors in Goddard, all of which are available to help the student body with any medical needs! Wow!
When you're really sick, lying in your bed- Who you gonna call?
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