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Augie Spoto/Vincent Margosian

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Augie Spoto/Vincent Margosian

Cpl. kyle Carpenter

Cpl.Kyle Carpenter showed sacrifice by willing to sacrifice his own life to save his comrades by jumping onto a grenade.He is extremely lucky to have survived he is 1 out of 15% that survived a direct blast from a grenade.
Sgt. Dakota Meyer showed an extreme amount of valor by putting his own life on the line to save his marines.They were making their way up a narrow valley on foot when they were ambushed by 50 enemy fighters firing RPG's and shooting AK-47 assault rifles at them. US team members were cut off and couldn't get to them,so corporal Meyer with another marine took the exposed gun out of a truck.Dakota Meyer made five trips into an ambush zone saving the lives of many people earning him the Medal of Honor.
Sgt. Dakota Meyer went into an ambush zone for six hours despite already having a shrapnel wound in his arm he fought and got four other soldiers out of the ambush zone putting himself right back into it each time to save marines, wounded Afghan soldiers, and the bodies of his team members facing almost certain death.
Augie Spoto/Vincent Margosian
Cpl.Kyle Carpenter
Date of birth-10/17/1989
Cpl.Kyle Carpenter
Kyle showed Valor by jumping onto a grenade without hesitation saving 5 team members and putting his life on the edge.
SGT.Dakota Meyer
Date of birth-June-26-1988 in Columbia Kentucky

Sgt.Dakota Meyer showed honor by going into a death zone multiple times to try to save four marines. After 5 trips he went on foot and jumped into a hole and landed on a marine. That marine was one of the 4 that he tried to save and he was dead. As Dakota Meyer says
"Its my job"
Enlisting year- 2006
Sgt.Dakota Meyer is a US Marine who enlisted right out of high school.
enlisting date-February-2009
He enlisted with the US marines at 19 years old.
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